pellet usage

richgvtOctober 23, 2005

I used 1,100 gallons of fuel oil last year to heat my house and dometic hot water. House is 2300-2,400 sq ft more or less. I will use oil to heat hot water , newer boiler and a super stor so its pretty efficient. Any Idea how many tons of pellets I will use. I got 4 tons. about 1/2 ton was water damaged and the dealer is replacing. thanks

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140K Btu per gallon #2 fuel oil X 1100 gallons
154,000,000 Btu

8200 Btu per pound wood pellets X 8000 lbs


Assuming similar efficiencies for both heaters, you have less than half of the pellets you need. ( unless you burn half of your oil in the water heater.)

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That seems pretty high from what other people are saying. I'm sure heating hot water doesn't take that much. maybe the 1,100 gallons is high its what my oil company said. I think space heating will use less than a central boiler. Will find out soon enough. thanks for your response

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You can expect to use 1 to 2 bags a day.
2 x how many cold days you have in your area, = bags you need, divided by 50 bags = tons you need.

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thanks for the info

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we use just about 3 tons a winter , we live in seattle so not to cold.. but it runs most of the winter.

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I used 5 1/2 tons the last two winters.

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