which is hotter propane or wood?

bizabetOctober 23, 2007

I am looking to purchase a spark arrestor screen that combines screen and glass panels. It's gorgeous but it's shown on a wood burning fireplace. I have a converted wood fireplace, so the gas logs (ventless) are set deeper than usual. they are rated at 24,000 BTUS. Can anyone tell me if the doors will be safe? The gas company said wood is hotter, a friend said she saw a DIY program that said gas was hotter, and the info I've found on the net has been ambiguous. Any exports or folks with prior experience, help!

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Not sure, but I know that I've enjoyed the heat of many more wood fireplaces than gas. Perhaps gas is hotter immediately at the flame, but a good size wood fire with hardwood can crank out major btu's.

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