purchasing pellet stove

rachelandtonyOctober 5, 2009

looking for advice on which pellet stove to buy.... most reliable auger, best warranty, most efficient for heating 1800 sqft

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Harman is supposed to be the 'best'- computer run. I have the Accentra which is very nice. If you have asthma, be careful about the blowers- there are three blowers in each stove- causing any problems with asthma. I am selling mine due to this.

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depending on where you are (if anthracite is available) you should look into an anthracite automatic stoker coal stove, usually less than half the cost per BTU of pellets, coal takes up less space for storage, and it can be stored outside with no damage should it get wet (pellets will be destroyed if they get wet). Coal stoves are generally less maintinance as well. Anthracite coal is all-american produced right in north east pennsylvania and is much less subject to seasonal and other price jumps/fluctuations than pellets.

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