Klaussner - Good or Bad

jnh004April 21, 2011

We are shopping for a new sofa. We want a quality leather sofa, but don't want to spend upwards $4000. We would rather stay 2 or below, if that is possible. We are in GA. I went to an upscale furniture store that I knew carried quality brands. She suggested a Klaussner sofa as being a good choice. She said it would run as $1800+ but would stay around that price. But after looking on the internet I have not found many good things about Klaussner. Can anyone share their experiences with the brand or suggest a brand that is better in our price point?

Thank you in advance!

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That seems awfully high for a Klaussner sofa; at that price you could get Bassett and it comes with a lifetime warranty. I would not say the brand is bad; however they are a mid line company. You may want to do some looking online for a better price or shop some of the smaller stores as they are typically more aggressive on pricing.

A good brand with out a lot of cost is Luke Leather, they have some very nice styles and quality builds. Their pricing is far better since they only do leather seating and have not spent a ton on pushing their brand name.

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I have two Klaussner sofas. One is the Fifi, a very long deep sofa in our TV room and the other is a British Isles inspired day bed. They are working well for our family. I did have both of them made up in cream colored canvas, even though they are a in different rooms, and the fabric has held up very well over the past 2 years. I think that at their relatively modest price point, they are good value. We will get another couple of years from them certainly, it's not worth reupholstering them probably because styles will change, but I'm very pleased with them for now. We have a couple of teens and the pieces get daily use.

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We got 2 loveseats from them that recline back when they made reclinering types. They don't make them anymore. They have been falling apart for years. The arms feel like the hard wood inside due to the foam shifting.
I noticed another brand called England has arms that can be unzipped and more pillow foam added when this happens.
Back to the klaussners-
The handle to recline one of the love seats broke off years ago. Cheap plastic.
The only good thing I have to say is they were cheaper than lazyboy and the miocrosuede is easy to care for with kids and sloppy hubbys.

I won't buy one again.

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I have klaussners sofa.They are really good. They are very comfortable and flexible. I think klaussner is good.

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One of the "respected" furniture stores in my area carries it. I really liked the look of one of their sofas until I sat in it. The whole thing creaked and if I swayed slightly from side to side the couch did the same! Complete garbage--at least the couch I saw was!

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Klaussners junk. Stick with Flexsteel. Good pricepoint and excellent quality.

Here is a link that might be useful: Flexsteel Dylan Sofa.

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Don't have any experience with Flexsteel but I'm pretty sure I heard some negative feelings just recently about them. You should find that post. I do believe its recent.

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