Porcelain tiles that look like wood

catlover5March 25, 2012

Does anyone have any experience and/or photos of the porcelain or ceramic tile that looks like wood in their kitchen? Wanted to install hardwood in kitchen but DH is dead set against it and I do understand why but the room is adjacent to the dining room and I think it may be silly to install a wood look floor right next to the real thing . . . we have a very neutral 12x12 ceramic floor now but due to a change in layout, we need more tiles which have since been discontinued and PO left us with 1 tile, not enough.

Was browsing all day yesterday at any store that sells flooring in the neighborhood. Saw Florida Tile in two places that I really liked, also saw Daltile which was okay and a 3rd wood look tile that I didn't like at all and was chipped in the showroom.

On the other hand, if we decided not to go with a wood look, I really don't know what to put down. Seems silly to tear up a perfectly good floor only to put down something so similar.

Was also toying with adding an electric radiant heat pad but are definitely adding a toe kick heater tied into our gas hot water system.

Home is 1940s cape cod cottage with original hardwood floors. Putting in dove white maple wood cabs with white appliances and either a gold color granite such as New Venetian Gold or Giallo something or a dark green granite, Pavao or Green Butterfly. Kitchen is very tiny, 110x101, and high traffic as that's where the sliding door to the backyard is. We have a 125 lb dog and several pussycats with claws.

TIA for any comments or suggestions.

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Avanti Tile & Stone (Stonetech)

I like the "wood look" tile and have installed quite a bit of it. Recently saw some good quality product at Lowe's you might check out.

Always 'sight down" the length of the product to make sure they're not "cupped." This happens a lot and makes installation difficult, to say the least. Generally better to use a 1/3 stagger to minimize lippage....or at least 1/2 stagger, depending on how flat they are. Try putting two of them face-to-face and check for bowing.

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Went to Lowe's yesterday . . they said they had none in the store to buy and only one choice in the special order section that was very light in color, not exactly what I was looking for. I found that surprising as I saw quite a bit on their web site.

Thank you for the advice about how to properly look at the tile. Are you referring to the samples in the showroom or the tiles out of the box? If out of the box, would you suggest buying more than the 10% "mistake" allowance and returning the ones that are more bowed? If returns are even allowed. . . I haven't gotten that far yet.

I really like the wood look tile and cross posted in Kitchens... saw some very nice real life examples.

Thank you.

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Avanti Tile & Stone (Stonetech)

I would check a few out of the boxes you are buying...could be a different "run" than those on display.

10% should be adequate unless you have a very broken up area to tile.....

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Porcelanosa has a nice woodtec line. But it's over $10 PDF. SO we are just gonna go with hardwood in the kitchen too.

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We're looking at the same thing for our kitchen, family room, and foyer. 3 cats (one with an attitude issue), so we're concerned about putting down hardwood, only to have it destroyed. Wondering if anyone has photos of their porcelain wood tile floors and if they are happy with the results.

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This blog has wood-look tile.

Here is a link that might be useful: The Farm Chick

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Avanti Tile & Stone (Stonetech)

I tried to give you a link to some wonderful pictures of this tile, but the John Bridge forum link was "nixed" as spam. Why, I don't know as we are tile professionals and NOT spam artists. If you would like the link, I'd be happy to give it to you. Just Email me....


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We just finished the install of our porcelain plank wood tiles. We love em, and think they turned out great.

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Avanti Tile & Stone (Stonetech)

Thanks! Looks just like the link I was trying to post....

Thanks, Gardenweb.

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That's beautiful!! Can you share the brand and color?

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Yes, please share info on the product you used! Your floor looks fantastic!

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The tile is made by Exotica the color is Walnut. We got it at Floor and Decor.


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swtsae, I can see why you love it . . . that floor is gorgeous!

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Would you mind telling me what you paid per sq ft, installed? I've been looking at wood tiles and can't find your color. Love the look.


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Hi Jane sorry i havent checked back here in a while. The tile cost $3.79 a sq ft, I got a "family discount" pn install so we paid $2 sq/ft. I estimate the thinset and grout was about $0.25 sq/ft. So all in all about $6.25 ish sq/ft.

I will say this we ended up getting a "hook-up" on the grout. We ordered Laticrete Perma-color and they screwed up our order and ended up upgrading us and didnt charge us. So we got Laticrete Spectra-lock. Which i'm told is 4x more.

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Would this work for stair treads?

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My grandaughter just had this installed in new house. The installer told her it needed to be acid washed upon completion. He supplied the stuff and she did it. The tile is now dull looking. Have you ever heard of this procedure? And if so what's the reason.

Thank you

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Went to a flooring store and saw porcelain wood-look tiles made by Mohawk. It looks like the real wood and is fantastic. However, it costs $4.79. There is only a brief mention in Mohawk's Website except it is a new product for 2012. Not sure how they compare between the above mediterranea-exotica and Mohawk's. Anyone Knows?

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That's sad Mawarosie82. I am thinking of changing my floor to this porcelain but I see your post make me wonder now.

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I LOVE your floors, and we are planning on putting new floors down in our living room area this week! I was wondering what color grout you used? I have seen a lot of new housese that they put these floors in but used a really light grout, and it doesn't look like wood floors with the light grout. I love the look of yours! Thank you!

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Timely post. We are looking at getting this for our den. We have dogs, cats and a pool so real wood is out.

I looked this past weekend (I have several samples here) and I'm looking at a dark wood because our adjacent tile is light and don't want to "try" to match and miss.

I think my plan is to get rectified porcelain and grout that matches so it looks more like wood.

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Apologies for not checking this thread back for a while.

The grout we used was Laticrete Spectra-Lock. The color is Expresso.

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We want to put the porcelain wood plank tile in our foyer, living, dining and kitchen area.

I requested a Sample of the Exotica Walnut porcelain plank for flooring and decor. It just came in the mail and is very small, dark and very little grain. I'm just wondering @ swtsae, your floors are beautiful. Did your tiles have variation in color and grain? I'm hoping its just because its a small 4 inch by 4 inch sample, that it looks so dark and plain. I was also wondering how your tile has held up since your install?

Also, my tile installer is very particular about what he puts down. Did your installer like the Exotica brand? Did you notice if many of the tiles were cupped or bowed? Sorry for all the questions. We've been to many local tile shops Daltile, Emser, Tile Shop, etc. None of them have anything like the Exotica brand, which is the exact color and style we are looking for. Since we don't have a "Floor and Decor" in my area, we'll have to order online and have it shipped. I'm concerned about that too.

Appreciate any feedback!

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we are about to order Eleganza Vivaldi - in summer (3rd from left). $3.50ish a sq ft.
My issue is there are only 3 variations in the box. they are installing at their showroom in Anaheim so i may make the drive to check it out - and post pix. thoughts??

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swtsa, your installer did an amazing job by making boards look longer but putting similar colors on top of each other. I love your floors that look so real! Thank you for sharing.

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Hi there--I am also considering porcelain wood tile. I live on east coast. Are they terribly cold? Thanks

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We are building a new home, and just had the entire house (including bathrooms) done last week. To say the least, we are THRILLED with our choice as well as the installation. We chose Old Navy Bianco (gray) from Floor & Decor (best price we could find anywhere). The grout is 3/16" and the offset is 25%. Wanting a very country look, I would have preferred random, but every installer said no can do. It was suggested to me that I go a little darker than the floor itself for the grout, which I did. I believe it's a very good choice.

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Having Eleganza Vivaldi- fall, in matt installed, Can you give me an idea of what grout color. I like the color used above, the tile I ordered looks similar to the picture you posted swtsae

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The tile installer who installed my kitchen tile and did such a great job let me visit him in his home and his tile floor that is several years old was amazing looking and I at first thought it was real wood. I went to his house to look at his upgraded kitchen. If I had seen this living room's porcelain tile floors that look like real hardwood floors before signing a contract for my engineered wood floors, that is what I would have chosen. I know I would have been happier with anything he installed than the terrible installers I used.

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I have the same exotica flooring as was posted above. It is indeed an amazing tile. Has nice texture to it that makes it look like real wood.

Getting ready to move and do another remodel and my fiance wants lighter colored so i found this one


It is the most realistic one I have seen in person. The website shows it being more expensive than the store. It is $4.79 in store I believe

Floor and decor has a few options similar but not as nice around $2.99 , still debating between saving money or getting what i want

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