Removing Glued Down Cork Floor

lkremodelMarch 17, 2007

I'm considering removing an old glued down cork floor. Flooring person says this will be a tough floor to pull up. It covers a large area.

Has anyone pulled up a hard to remove glued floor that has a wood sub-floor? How difficult is it? Are there any products or techniques that make it easier?

Any help you can give will be most appreciated!

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It may be easier and less costly, to just cut out the subfloor and cork, in one tear out, and replace the subfloor.

There are removal machines that tout tile removal, without destroying the wood substrate beneath.

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lkremodel- It's been a while, what did you do? Why did you want to remove the cork? I'm considering cork but unsure how it would look down the road and after moving furniture, etc. Also if I used glue-down tiles I would be creating what you are removing. I imagine that defects in areas could be fixed just by removing a tile and gluing down another one. Do you find the softness and warmth appealing at all?

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Those considering real cork tile flooring glued down to a substrate...should you grow tired of the look, they can be sanded, stained and refinished or they can be stenciled with a pattern to update them (think decorating here) and then finished like you would a hardwood floor...AND, well-bonded cork flooring makes an excellent underfloor for any product installed over them. In other words, there is little to be gained attempting to remove them.

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