new p68 pellet stove

richgvtOctober 17, 2005

I have a new Harman p68 and have just starting using it. Was told to let the room sensor hang behind the stove but the stove shuts down before the room gets to the desired temperature. another question is I don't really understand the feed rate settings. Can you set the temperature up hi and the feed rate low. The manual doesnt really explain how it works. last I have a brown stain on the glass door. Was wondering if there is a leak between the glass and the frame or is this normal. It goes from the edge on the hinge side and travels up. The rest of the door is pretty clear. Any thoughts from experienced users would help.

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My dealer said to drop the sensor cord on the floor. That would work better for you in this case as it's colder down there and your stove will run longer. I have a Harman DVC500 coal stove, I get the brown on the glass as early as the next day after I clean it, the air passing by the glass thing doesn't do well at all in my stove. In a couple days the whole glass has brown on it. You can see in the middle of your glass, down on the bottom edge where the slot opening is to let air pass by, what you see on the side is just where it can't wipe 100% of the glass, sounds normal to me. Feed rate? Here's what I found out, yes keep the rate low and the fuel will be fed slow, crank the "ROOM" temp up and the feed rate is still low but the distribution fan that throws out the heat will speed up. I was just playing with it this morning, you can actually see the distribution LED glow from a small glow on low, to a bright lamp on high as the fan motor speeds faster,throwing out more air, but if feed rate is low, then feed rate is low. I ran it for about a half hour and the feed rate kept low, the coal was at a small glow but the fan was on high speed. Hope that helps

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I have a P38 and have an outside air kit which is supposed to keep the window cleaner. I have noticed when it was warmer outside the hinge side of the glass had a small streak on it after a day of burning. Now that it is colder I ran it 43 hours and there was just a faint haze on the hinge side but you had to look real hard to see it that was running on lowest setting that the stove would allow.

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Thanks for all the suggestions. I will play around with the feed rate.

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I just had the p68 installed, still getting used to the settings , How do other users find the room tempature control is it off a few degrees?

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I think you have to find a cool enough spot or up the temp dial. Has any one put an extension on and moved the senso across the room?

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Any regrets buying the P68 pellet stove?

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None here in Massachusetts, well built and a great warranty

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I don't have any regrets at this point. This will be my first winter with it. It seems to be able to heat the main house including the second floor. The family room which is far away will need some other form of heat. It is on a separate zone and I can use some oil for that. I do like the Harman XXV but went with the p68 for the higher btu's. the XXV is better looking and quieter. Not sure if the difference in btu's would matter. Not sure if the XXV was available in stock at the time though.

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Rich keeping warm in VT. I posted a thread here about hooking up a digital thermostat to the P68. Ever hear of this. I thought I remebered reading somewhere that its a no no

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I read somewhere that you can't. Have to use the sensor I guess. I have to ask the dealer how to hook up an extension to move the sensor across the room.

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I think I mentioned I bought some 18/2 Thermostat wire per the manual. The connectors that are on the end of the sensor wire I also purchased, 18 gauge to fit the ends. I did not cut off the connectors on the senor wire just wrapped the one end of the thermostat wire around them and connected the 18/2 to the back of the stove with the new connectors, make sure you have a good connection or you will get a blinking light error as mentioned in the manual. I was just testing this and it worked.

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I have the Accentra stove which uses the same sensor,I located mine about thirty feet from my stove in the kitchen under the counter lip. Whatever temp I set on the stove it maintains within 0ne degree according to the digtal thermometer on my oil burner control. This is an outstanding control system in my opinion.By the way I drew all this on paper and went over this with my local Harman dealer before doing it.

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I have had the P68 stove for a few years and I find the thermostat control to be poor or at least on my stove. If I set the thermostat for 70 degress it will often bring the room up to 75+ degrees. If you turn it down a degree or two it will stay very close. I have had it serviced 3 times. The Harmon service tech saw the bad condition each time but said the diagnostics could not find anything. The first time they changed the external thermosensor. The next time I was told to move the thermosensor. The third time I was told the thermosensor was too close to the wall (where they told me to put it). This time they charged me $75 even though it was under warranty!! It appears to be a faulty control board but the diagnostics do not support the problem.

I previously had a Whitfield pellet stove and this Harmon unit has a lot more BTUs. I paid a lot for this unit and I am left feeling unimpressed.

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Hi All,

I just installed my P68 on Thanksgiving day. Shortly after figuring out that the "built in" thermostat did not work very well I hooked the stove up to a programmable thermostat. This has worked flawlessly and keeps the room temp at a very consistant setting. This also gives me the ability to lower the set temp by programming the thermostat for night time or when no one is home. I set the temperature to come up to 72 at 6 AM so when we come down at 6:30 the house is already warm. I know Harmon and its dealers do not recommend this but I DO! It takes ALL the guesswork out of the temp settings and will conserve pellets by tunrning down when the heat is not needed. Hope this helps!

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