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joyfulguyJune 19, 2003

There's a forum here titled, "Is it normal for your spouse to keep earnings a secret?".

Initial post in April, last year.

A number of contributors have said several things that would seem to encourage a reply from the original poster.

There has been no message from the poster since - which is, of course, her right.

A number of us are rather worried that the woman involved may be in some jeopardy. We earnestly hope that there is no reason for us to worry.

Do you have the means to send a message to this woman, to see whether she may be O.K.?

I rather doubt it - she has given no information in her profile.

Thanks, Spike.

joyful guy

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I e-mailed Mr. Spike on same thing. I got no response either. Guess we're just kicking a dead horse about caring for kaldese. Let's give it up.

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Searching the forum, she registered in late April 2002, her only posts are from late April 2002, and in one of them, she says she's been divorced for 11 years. So maybe we all worried for nothing. But at least the rest of us had some good dialog about the subject of marriage and finance!

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TREKaren... I didn't see any post where she said she's been divorced for 11 years from this secretive dude.

Where are you getting this from?

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It didn't say who she was divorced from, just that she had been divorced for 11 years.

She said, "I have been divorced for 11 years, my kids are 17 and 11."

Here is a link that might be useful: link to one of her only 3 threads

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Hi again all,

Thanks for your additional information, TREKaren.

She refers to talking with the stepdad about the child's difficult behaviour - so it appears that there's another male in her life.

Who appears to be the basis of the problem that she referred to earlier.

I hope that she's doing O.K.


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