Carlson's Barnwood - anyone used them?

templemorrisMarch 20, 2011

Hi Everyone,

We're thinking about buying wide-plank antique flooring from Carlson's Barnwood. Has anyone had any experiences with them?

FWIW, we're also looking at Vintage Lumber, Country, and Authentic Pine Floors. Any thoughts on any of them would be great too.



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You will not get a ton of support on this forum from buying hardwood flooring on line unless the online people are going to take responsibility for the install also which they do not....When purchasing will have no manufacturer representation...if there is a are up the creek and installing a hardwood is an investment..It should cost you no more to have it professionally done. The key word here is professionally. Good Luck

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Aw, I'll give you some support! :)

A couple of notes on antique and/or reclaimed flooring...

Grading standards vary widely. One company's "rustic grade" is another's "character grade" for example. Expect knots and nail holes.

You will need to find a professional installer who pays attention to moisture metering the floor/subfloor and properly acclimatizing the floor boards prior to install, especially important with wider widths.

Don't buy a wide board package that starts at 2 foot lengths. The great thing about antique/remilled flooring is that you can get longer boards than you find in prepackaged flooring, and you will want them. 10" wide boards look silly at 2-3' long.

If possible, see an actual floor. No company puts a bad photo on their website or brochure.

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