I need to get a second job, any tips?

dmissyJune 18, 2007

I need more income. I don't spend wildly. I live alone in my home for six years in country and I don't want to lose. I am still recovering from the spiked gas prices. Any major expense and I am doomed. I had to get tires for my truck (old ones lasted five years) and I maxed two credit cards (previous expenses).

Times, are severe in my state where I live. I am wondering what the minimum hours are I could handle and how to juggle. I work from 6am - 2:30p M-F. Any ideas? I know couple's that are struggling.....

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Have you considered selling your house and renting? Houses are usually a major expense waiting to happen. You might want to take a look at some rental places. You might be able to rent a house for cheaper than your mortgage and taxes. Plus you wouldn't have to worry about paying for repairs.

As for a 2nd job, it depends on you skill level and what kind of work environment you are looking for.

Waiter/Waitress can pay very well but is a brutal amount of work.

Retail doesn't pay that well but usually doesn't require that much effort (especially if you aren't a manager).

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Why kind of work do you do now? What are your hobbies?

Some of my former co-workers used to work retail because they could get to sales merchandise first and also were given large employee discounts. They could wear the same clothes for both jobs so it worked out for them.

Another co-worker loved baking. She made and sold special cakes and desserts for weddings and parties.

I used to be a waitress about twenty years ago. Better tips seemed to come in the evening hours. There may be businesses in need of someone to fill in the late afternoon/early evening hours. Or maybe you could sleep for a couple of hours and then work a later shift.

Places like McDonalds need early morning people who can come in and get biscuits and prep work done.

I've worked in a grocery store. Late night stocking might work with your hours if you are able to sleep during the day. Some places need overnight checkers.

Could you rent out a room in your house? Or rent an area for someone to have a garden, keep a horse, watch other people's ets while they are on vacation?

If you can post more details, maybe someone can brainstorm some different suggestions.

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This is my dream home. It was a fixer-upper on an acre. I've put all equity from last home into it..plus. I finally got it done. Economy, takes a dump. I will do what I have to do to hold onto it. Houses are going up for sale on my road like crazy. I am on days now, but used to work afternoons for 10+ years. So, I am used to those hours also (on day shift since March).

I mentioned to another single lady at work, and she said she would be my roommate....wow. She is tired of her apartment..she's quiet, just needs a room. I am not sure what to do...work or roommate? How much do I charge? I would have to prepare a room and she'd have to share living quarters. Having a big yard sale this weekend...everything is going....I've never waitressed before...I am currently in auto field, which is declining.

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Personally, I'd probably go for the roommate before I took on a second job. Your time and health are important. If you want to save up to have more money in the bank, you could still take on a second job in addition to having a roommate if any jobs are available. Check out the apartment forum. You can get some do's and dont's on roommates and renting. I'd call around to a few apartment complexes to see what they are charging for rent, deposits, and then figure out how you would want to charge utilities. You could probably charge a little more because you are offering a little something that apartments aren't offering.

Some more thoughts on a second job. Maybe you could work in an store that sells car stuff like Autozone or a place where they change oil, etc, like a Jiffy Lube or even some type of autobody shop. Is there a Temp Place in your area? Maybe you could take on extra jobs on days off.

If jobs are dwindling, maybe it's time to start working towards a new career. Is there anything you've wanted to do, but never got around to?

Good Luck! I hope you find a solution that fits your needs.

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I guess I'm different because I would definately take a 2nd job before I took a roomate. I find it much easier to work with people than to live with them!

If your house isn't set up for 2 people (i.e. separate entrance, kitchen bathroom etc) there are a host of issues that arise (I'm sure one of you will be more of a neat freak than the other, one may be quiet and the other loud, what happens when she wants friends over and you just want to sleep) For me taking a roomate would be a no win situation. You can always quit a 2nd job if you have a problem but it is more difficult to get rid of a roomate.

I still say that selling your place and renting is the best solution and it sounds like you have some equity in your house so you might be able to sell your house, pay off debt and still have a few $ left over to invest. But the hours at your job make it ideal to find a 2nd job. I thought the suggestion of an auto parts store made a lot of sense, especially if your primary job is auto related.

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you quit work about the time lots of kids get out of school--could you provide after-school care for some kids? If you don't take care of too many, you may not trigger state licensing requirements.

I live in a big city, and once suggested to DH's coworker that she get a second job working for a caterer bcs they'd have evening events (from all the offices) that would start after her day job ended. (she had a friend's wedding that was going to cost her a lot of money) It worked really well for her. This won't work in non-urban areas, though.

One thing to do--as you leave your job, look to see who's open. What stores, what businesses, are still working, or are starting up.

My dad works at Home Depot, and I know they are always hurting for reliable workers. Sometimes places like that don't want to have set hours for people, but maybe you could convince a manager to let you "job share" w/ a mom who has kids in school--you pick up the afternoons, so she can go home to watch over the kids.

I have this fantasy of starting a "handyman" business. And selling my services to general contractors to do their punch lists. They hate them, bcs they are always stupid little things, and they're ready to move on to bigger jobs. But I could come in w/ my drill, and my stepstool, and put on cabinet knobs, fix crooked trim, smooth out glitches int he painting, etc.,a nd even coordinate getting the plumber back for an hour to deal w/ something. And the GC could move on. Being able to do that sort of work (handyman, or even punch list) in the evening would mean the homeowner could be there to see the end result for quality control, and they wouldn't have to take a day off work to get a shelf hung.

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I would not sell my home and rent --- a home is some security and rent is much higher in this area than lots of house payments.

Retail is always looking for extra help -- I would say to try working 2 shifts a week -- one evening and one weekend shift. If you would work 10 hours a week -- that is $80 a week in most locations. Would $300 a month be enough to help? What do you need to feel secure?


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Our home is paid for entirely. And we did it with room-mates, five over the course of about 10 yrs. We split the utilities and we settled on a rent that was agreeable to to both parties.

The helpmeet and I put every dime of the rent toward the mortgage. It was a promise we made to ourselves when we agreed to take on a tenant. We never spent the tenant's rent on "fun". It was to knock down the principle of the mortgage. End of story.

There was only one tenant I didn't like and he didn't reveal his "true colors" until well after he moved in with us. I couldn't wait to see him leave, haven't seen him since, and couldn't care less if I learned he'd driven off the end of the Earth. :) The other 4 remain very dear friends to this day. It was perhaps the smartest thing we've done to "feather our nest".

You have to be disciplined to put the rent toward the priciple of the note, though! And you have to have a good sense of humor about things and a willingness to concede some points when you share YOUR space with a tenant.

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You are all very smart! So many different options. Thank you very much! I am leaning towards another part-time job and it may well lead to a full-time one that I enjoy.

I think it was Clink that said to hold onto the house any way I can. That is the plan. Yes, $200-$300...would help. Just found out I am laid off for 3 wks.! Plenty of time, to look around. But what a wrench! Good ol shutdown in July.

Gettin my rest for my yard sale.....I'll be thinkin...tryin to be calm and not stress. Let ya know how sale goes...

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I too would certainly try whatever I could to keep my home. The fact that you know you need to make more money and are looking at options shows your very resourceful and can weather all this with planning!

Great idea having a yard sale! Other option is to sell some things on Ebay or go to a flea market and set-up a stand. Retail sales generally only pay minimum wage. Most waitress/bartending jobs will end up paying more than minimum wage and sometimes quite a bit more. Cleaning offices/stores/restaurants actually pays pretty well and is often done in the early morning, late evening, or on weekends.

And unlike everyone else that is suggesting roomate OR extra job ... I say do both! Think how much faster you will get caught up! Besides if your working it's less time your actually home at same time as roomate. You can cut back in the future if you need by quitting extra job or when roomate moves out but for now it sure would give you a big boost by doing both.

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Depending where you are ........ both retail and fast food can pay fairly good. I know people that have started at McDonalds for ove $10/hr. Lot of basic retail sales clerk positions are over $8.

Other possiblities are bartending, doing yard work or housecleaning. Doing two houses a week cleaning would bring in a minimum of $150/per week.

The other thing --- look at your car expense. You said the high gas prices are a problem (for all of us!) Watch the number of trips you make -- I try to carefully list out everywhere I need to go and map the places so to drive as efficiently as possible. Can you car pool -- even one day a week helps. Public transportation is another option.

My DD rides her bike --3 days a week to work. It is 4 miles to work. It has helped her checkbook, her weight and more importantly, calms her b/4 going to work.

Good luck

PS I think both the roommate and the 2nd job are great. I would do both!

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The best thing to do is register with local staffing agencies (as many as you can) that specialize in providing temp workers to other companies. They will assess your skills, find out when you can work and place you in temp jobs that meet your needs and schedule. This service is FREE with most of the large national staffing co's, so be careful what you sign or agree to.

Many of the staffing co's have jobs in retail, hospitality, etc. Some specialize in certain areas such as light industrial, clerical etc., so you might have to make a few calls to find the right company/s for you.


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Thanks again, everyone. The sale, was a lot of work....and didn't make much....low prices, too. My friend and me, went to eat after (gift card someone gave me over year ago) and it was nice to treat her for all her help. Nice to get away from heat, too. The lady that was possible roommate stopped by for sale, but I didn't have time to show her inside..don't know if she is still insterested.

I piled all the remaining sale items onto truck and took to Goodwill drop-off. I came HOME and I love the feeling...this is where I belong.

I just gotta keep focused and get into action. Made it thru many hardships in life and have to keep plowing. Never bought into feeling sorry for self--just gotta work twice as hard.

Anyone ever heard that country song that goes, "I never complain, and I never ask why, please Lord don't let my dreams run dry?" Trace Adkins? I heard on the way home....and "I pull the tractor another round, another round...underneath the Amarillo skyyyyyyyy....".

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Jobs that give you a uniform to wear are good because then you don't also have the expense of work clothes.

One way to make good money during the day and evening is to work as a server at corporate banquets or other events. Mostly, you serve drinks and keep the buffet table going and/or serve plates of food off a prearranged or limited menu. I found tips to be really good when I did banquets a number of years ago. Not only would I get my cut of the large gratuity which is tacked onto the bill (think 15 percent of the bill divided by 3 or 4 servers!), I would also get individual tips from the people I served. I found the work to be easier than simply waiting tables and a lot more lucrative.

Room service in hotels is another place to get double tipped. I found that people on vacation, using credit cards were very generous - they tipped cash even when I pointed out that the tip was already included in the bill.

Having the right roommate can be a lot of fun. Thats how I met my wonderful DH:) Good luck!

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Went to apply to new restaurant and the app states lowest hours needed would be 4p-11p..that is a lot when I do go back to work. I went past a new retail they are working like crazy to build really close to home..usually retail gives better part-time hours. I tried to go early in morning for errands, because we had 90* temps last few days.

Also, coworker I chat with is gettin on nerves. She is married and a week ago said they make too much money..that's nice. This week, she says, I may have to get a part-time job, too..what a difference a week makes....but, to get items for parties she has....awwww. How do you deal with ppl that don't understand your situation? She may actually have to go without highlights and the tanner! That is so terrible. Why are ppl in such denial? Poor hub doesn't have any a/c in cottage...she really doesn't get it.

I will stay focused on my situation and if she can't drop the act...it will cause a cease.

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Chrisdoc: Was rereading posts and saw yours about handyman service. Those are needed badly here. As a single, I know. The few, that are here are so expensive, most don't pan out. Some, start with small ad in Penny Pincher paper. I love DIY projects.....thought of being a handyMAAM myself...lol. My thing is landscaping, but when economy is tuff, services aren't really needed. I keep brainstorming tho...have an associate's degree I never used. You are onto an idea with doin the small stuff...because no one wants to come out for those. One thing needed is a lawn mower shop that comes to homes...such a hassle with pick-up costs. I can't be the only one without a special trailer to haul in..

Thanks for all your info. D

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Do you like to paint? I was talking to an older lady a few years ago, she was offering $500 to paint her fence and couldnt find someone willing to take the job. You could also check with painters in your area to see if they are looking for extra help. It's a job I've seen teachers take during their time off in the summer.

If you are interested in doing the lawnmower shop above, you could post on your local Craigslist or Freecycle to see if you could find a trailer for free or a small cost. Someone may have one just sitting around that they want to get rid of.

Since you love landscaping, you could see if your local nursery and garden centers need help. You might be able to pick up a few landscaping jobs through contacts you make there.

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Thanks, Adella. Great idea. I looooove painting! And so many ppl don't...I also love to type? My likes are so different. Just straight typing-proposals, legal, and transcription, invoices. I advertised to paint houses one time, that proved too much. As I get more ideas, have to think of how to word them...paint certain rooms? If I remove items...more? D's Handymaam Service..cleaning..need a vet on call...(not me..but needed service). I got a bite on my resume online..to be a truck driver? Also, applied to local new shop in my same line. Thanks for the networking tips...move up.

Thanks again....d

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I hope you're not subject to age discrimination, or subject to being shunned because of being overqualified.

I do not believe that there is a labor shortage out there. Companies today want custom made applicants for their positions.

Before I landed a job with an airline (no pun intended), I went to work for an insurance company in New York. I mailed out a resume in July, right after I graduated with a math degree. Three weeks later, I was at my desk working. Recently, I tried getting back into the insurance industry. I mailed out a resume in July of last year to a Massachusetts insurance company. I got a call from them six weeks later, and was told that I would get a "telephone interview" three weeks after that! My final interview took place in October. Still no job, even though I now hold a M.S. degree.

After I filed suit with the EEOC, charging age discrimination, I was told that they (HR People) suspected that I "would have trouble taking direction for pedestrian tasks", and "was too talkative" during my inrerview.

Labor shortage? Sorry. I don't buy that for a second.

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Hi dmissy,

Have you considered working as a security guard?

The pay isn't much, usually not much above minimum, but it's usually nights, weekends and holidays, which is when most people are not working ... but it would pretty well tie you down.

Also, with the agency that I worked for, if they asked you to take an assignment, you could turn them down occasionally without getting into trouble.

I tried to find situations where I had only about 10 min. per hour of active work to do (making rounds, etc.) and the rest of the time free that I could do as I wanted.

I also wanted to get regular assignments (eg. a shift one weekend, two the next, alternating with another guy) where I had a lighted, warm place to relax, with a radio, or I could take mine, and a table at which I could do my thing. I sometimes used it to read, or sometimes to make charts of prices of investment stocks. I sometimes used the company computer to play computer games (ddn't know the passwords to access company info).

Also, as company didn't recycle garbage, I picked pop cans from garbage to recycle - about 32 per lb., paying about 55 cents (80 cents recently).

I'm nearly 80, so haven't done that for a while. I am fortunate to have larger pensions than I need to live on. And even more so to be enjoying good health.

With regard to sharing your home ... would the roommate's room be large enough for an easy chair, radio, TV, computer?, etc. so that s/he could spend quite a lot of time there, or would s/he need to be out in the rest of the house quite a lot of time?

If so, are there different living areas, so that s/he could have space away from you? Some people would pefer that there be at least a half-bathroom which the second person could use for all but bathing/showering.

Would you want to share food, including costs, or each have his/her own?

If separate, would it be possible to have a separate fridge to store food? Usually possible to find an extra at low price at auctions ... but some fee to deliver. Are there enough cupboards that food storage would be adequate?

Would timing for preparing and eating meals be easily arranged, if eating separately?

One would need to consider that there'd be slightly increased utility costs, water, power, garbage, etc.

What about TV .. would one need an extra cable line? What about cancellation if the arrangment didn't work out? Same for telephone. And sometimes outsiders abuse one's phone in terms of long distance charges, etc. How would you like to have to remove your phone when you leave? And even so, they could plug a phone into your jack and use it, anyway.

Possibly a concern re internet connection.

Good wishes as you make your plans to meet your needs.

ole joyful

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dmissym you worked in the Automotive field before being layed off? What were you diing what and for what company?

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I have worked delivering newspapers, 3am-6am, at a casino and retail, when times were tough. I currently drive a limo/party bus, Saturday's only and make $150-600 for the day. Weddings and bachelor/bachelorette parties are hopin' these days. I made $600 last Saturday doing a 16 hour wedding. Long hours sitting around reading....kind of boring but easy money!

I hope things improve and good luck!

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Hello. Been puttin in app's here and there. Nothing has changed, and bills keep rollin in...gas just hit $3.49 here. Have a feeling I may wind up living in a corn field somewhere.

Question for those who have been in retail..A new store is hiring online for higher management. When do they hire for other positions?

Down today, but least bit cooler weather...Thanks everyone, I am listening to your creative ideas. Only couple more days off of the third week of layoff. Don't know, how I will get caught up again...

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First of all -- Hang in there! We dealt with a plant closing a month after my DH was diagnosised with lung cancer. You can survive it -- go into to starvation mode. Use fans, not ac. Keep your grocery bill as low as possible. I did find going to the dollar store for some grocery items made sense.

Use the farmer's markets -- stay away from convenience foods.
Eat simply -- eggs are great for easy nutritious meals. Watch your driving -- combine trips. Map things out ahead of times.

You will make it!

Usually, managerment is interviewed about a month b/4 other staff positions. Look and see if you can find out about opening dates. Check the companies web site for new store openings. Often sales/clerk/inventory/recieving positions are hired approx 2-3 weeks b/4 opening.

Good luck and be strong. You will do it.

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Thanks, Clinky, and all. I am very sorry about your husband. I feel bad to complain when I hear of such things. You know very well of the survival mode. Yes, good thing I like to cook. Eggs, bread, and milk, go a long way. Now I know why they were my mother's fav staples.

Don't have to worry about gas price for a day--brakes went out. I was moving junk from garage to road and hit metal (pedal)...I get this wierd vibe I am not supposed to leave the house? I just got a bit of unemploy ($) finally, and there it goes....had to have towed to a shop I trust for many years. Called son....'help, can I get ride to bank?' Omg..He picked up my grandbabe from daycare...first, so that made my day. She gave me some pretty beads she made..awwww...that is what it's about..TG they are doin well.

I will go to store's website..thanks again.

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Thanks for reminding me why I love living alone....I know there is much to think about. I have lived alone for so long..keeping options open. Yes, I did forget about the internet situation. Don't even remember how to lock someone out from access? I have a cleaned out garage...think anyone would like to room there? lol..

Check back later.....those were really eye-opening tips.

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Sorry, I didn't notice you signed your post with your name when I addressed you by your addy.

I really appreciate your inspiring words.

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you said you love to type. Legal medical practices always need transcriptionists. I am not sure what the training requirements are. You typically work from home and get paid by the work, not by the hour.

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