Firewall crack

hoffmanzOctober 27, 2006

The back firewall on my masonry fireplace has a crack running top to bottom in the middle of it. I have heard that it can be repaired with masonry cement or caulk. Does anyone have any advise for me on how to do this and the best product to use? Can I find the materials I need at Home Depot or will I need to find a specialty store to find the correct fireproof cement/caulk? Any advise is appreciated.

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It's not clear if your fireplace is brick or masonry of some other kind. If it is brick, does the crack go through the individual bricks or follow the mortar lines in step fashion? How deep and wide is the crack? This would be well worth having examined by a mason to determine the cause of the cracking before making any repairs. If the crack is the result of shifting/settling, a repair will not last long unless the conditions which caused it in the first place are corrected.

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I'm bumping this to the top. Can anybody answer the OP's question?

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