Should I carpet the stairs?

cottonpennyMarch 11, 2012

My builder and my DH want to put a carpet runner over my hardwood (oak) staircase.

The reasoning is that since we have a 7 month old baby, it will be safer for him once he starts walking/climbing/etc. We don't wear shoes in our house so slipping is a realistic concern.

My concern is that the oak is going to fade on the edges and then look really bad when we take off the runner in a few years.

What do you think?

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He's just as likely to fall from too much traction on carpet as he is to slip on a hardwood step. Bare feet have pretty good traction.

You can get clear "traction tape" online.

I've seen crawlers on staircases and they KNOW what they can handle. Many of them adopt the sit and bump on the butt mode of descending, or turn around and come down in a foot-first crawl. They are much better going up than down for quite a while, but by the time he's 2 he'll be going up and down with no problems.

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