Auger speed

bikesr2tiredOctober 25, 2011

I'm burning Pro Pellet brand pellets in my Enviro Windsor pellet stove for the first time and they put out a lot more heat than any other pellet I've tried. This may sound great, but there's a problem. I keep the stove at it's lowest setting which operates the auger every 15 seconds. The stove overheats and causes the high limit to run the convection blower at high speed until it cools down and then the blower drops to normal speed until the stove gets too hot again and the cycle is repeated. I want to slow the auger feed frequency down to maybe 20 seconds or more, but I can't find anyway to do it. I have the service manual, which is mediocre at best and it doesn't make any reference to auger feed frequency. Anybody have any ideas?

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