I want to install a gas insert myself...can I do this?

sandcassleOctober 23, 2009

As a handyman and perfectionist for many years, I'm contemplating installing a new gas insert on my own. Of course, I'll thoroughly research this before I do the job. Indeed, no one in this forum knows anything about my background and this might be a hard question to answer on here.

I'm not sure how I could screw this up. Common sense goes a long way and I have common sense.

I'm asking for someone to please attempt to talk me out of doing this job if they sense a concern here. You will be doing me a big favor if I'm about to make a major mistake.

Call me arrogant if you wish, but I believe I'll do a much better job than your average installer. After all, I'll have to live (or die) with this fireplace insert, so I want to make sure it's done correctly without cutting any corners.

Thanks, Roy

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I forgot to mention, I'll be installing a gas insert in an existing fireplace in a 30 yr. old home. The fireplace has a fire starter installed, which is basically a gas on/off valve with a section of pipe that's capped off on the end and it has holes drilled for the orfices. So the gas supply is already present.

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