5th Burner Question

secsteveFebruary 12, 2011

Does anyone have a range with the fifth burner? I've been looking at two models, one of which has the circular burner and the other an elliptical burner. I've got a cast iron griddle that I want to use and was wondering if the circular burner would be just as good as the elliptical one. The fellow I talked to at Lowes really wasn't very helpful at all.

So anyone here have a range with a fifth burner and does the shape make a difference? I've been told that since my griddle is cast iron either one will work. It currently is designed to fit over two burners, but the current designs now won't work due to the difference in BTU's between front and rear burners.

I'm also wondering if the fifth burner is really all that useful.

Thoughts please.

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but the current designs now won't work due to the difference in BTU's between front and rear burners.

As long as the lower powered burner provides enough heat for your purposes, I don't see why different BTU ratings should keep you from having an evenly heated griddle.

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Can't answer your question about the grill pan because I've got the same issue with front/back BTUs. But, I've got a gas-on-glass five burner range. There are four gas burners and a fifth electric burner in the center. I use that fifth burner quite often for things like warming maple syrup, keeping sauces warm, it's perfect for when I'm making BBQ sauce & want to let it reduce (I use my LC Windsor pan), & the burner is also great for slowly reheating. I also like it for scambled eggs or omelets. Actually, it's useful enough I doubt I'd purchase another range without some type fifth burner. It keeps my main burners available for larger cooking tasks.

I hear you about the griddle thing though...each of my gas burners have a different output. Sometimes, it's convenient & other times...not so much.


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This may not be what you like to get into, but it is a very workable and easy solution:

Harbor Freight sells a remote non-contact infrared temperature reader, $30.00?

You just aim at the griddle from a distance to read the temperature, make the adjustment on your burners to suit your cooking needs, front and back burner.


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I have a 5 burner all gas stove and like it a lot. I will freely admit I don't use the middle burner often, but when I want the griddle / grill (mine came with ones meant to put in that section) I love that I have it.

Here is a link that might be useful: GE Profile 5 burner

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I love my fifth burner so much that when I had to replace the old stove (which had one) I spent about $1000 more than it would have cost to get a non-fifth burner stove that fit with my other requirements.

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