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nicole007October 4, 2012

Sadly, my large oak tree is going to have to be cut down. I told the tree men I wanted all the wood and they think I'm crazy to want the trunk too. How hard would it be to sell the trunk ... or are there people who want it whole for furniture? I've never had a tree cut before ... is wood too hard to sell at this time of year? Should I just let most of it go or ... please, any suggestions! It's goign to be all over my driveway tomorrow.

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I am going to comment on a few posts, since I hate to see people ignored, lol. This depends on your local circumstances. In CT, there is usually a steady demand for wood, but even here most people want it pre-cut. A few will cut it if they can haul it away for free. Its a lot of work, so paying for the tree AND cutting it up yourself is not likely to happen. Then last fall we had a huge storm in Oct that damaged or downed a lot of trees, so they were plentiful for the taking. For that reason, there is much less demand now. If you can cut it, split it and offer it for sale in fireplace size logs you might get somewhere, but even then it needs to dry for a year before use, so stacking it and drying it for a year and then offering seasoned firewood for sale will get you the most interest. I never have a tree taken down and the wood left unless I know I have someone ready to take it before the tree comes down since I don't have the ability to do all that work.

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