How easy is it to circulate Heat coming from a pellet stove

amav31October 7, 2006


We are planning to buy a Pellet stove Harman Pro38(manual)

for our house which is currently being heated by Electric heat. We already have a Vermont Castings pellet stove left behind by the previous owners that does not work.In fact VC does not make them or support these anymore.

Anyway, this pellet stove is located in the den(an addition) that is in the far end of my split entry house.

My main concern is how efficient are these stoves to heat up the entire 1400sq ft of our first level. My bedrooms are in a corridor and it is hard for me to understand how the heat will move from one far corner of the house(south west) to the Bedrooms on the other side(north east). If the heat does not travel that far, then the area to heat will be less than 1400sqft.

I heard that wood stoves are warmer than pellet stoves which may fell more drafty.Is that true.? And also this particular model of Harman is not cast iron. How bad is that.? We want to use the stove all day long during the bad winter months Dec-Feb as a main source of heat atleast in the living room ,kitchen and den. I have a feeling the bedrooms need to be heated up using our regular electric radient heat.

any input is much appreciated.

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Just want to mention, the stove that we have right now has a chimney that goes up to the ceiling. Will this cause any drafts?

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I have a p-68 pellet stove which heats most of my house. The main house is 26' x 36' two stories. The stove is at one end of the house and heats this space easily. The kitchen is another ten feet away and it also is warm. My house has an open layout on the first floor so the heat circulates well. My family room is 20' x 20' and is at the far end of the house. It has only one three foot doorway and it has 11' ceilings. This room is cooler and we turn up the oil boiler in the evening. The second floor is a couple degrees cooler but its the bedrooms and thats ok. If your layout is not open you may have problems.

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where are you at, since you haven't purchased a stove yet, have you looked into coal? a harmon stoker will work the same as a pellet stove, but the fuel will be much more stabil in price and will be much less costly to heat with, for heating purposes pellets are a very expensive choice.

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