Best credit card with good cash rebate program

azmomJune 17, 2013

I only have one Visa credit card. I am thinking about getting one more card.

I am looking for a credit card with good cash rebate program, widely accepted, and has good customer service and reputation.

If it matters, I pay off credit card in full every month. DH and I both have high credit scores, we have no debt except a small mortgage.

Could you please recommand one? Thank you.

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Google "credit card ratings" and find lots of sites that give you that info.

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I've liked my Discovercard for a long time.

Though, now that I live by Costco, I find I use my Costco AmEx much more which pays cash on Costco purchases as well as all other purchases (and Costco also pays on costco purchases--kind of double rewards).

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May I ask based on your personal experience, between Discovercard and Cosco's AmEx, which one provides better service? Which one is more widely accepted?

Thank you.

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I use Discover; DH uses Costco Amex.
Service is the same.
Acceptance has been the same for us. YMMV though.

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Neither Discover nor Amex are as widely accepted as Visa or Mastercard. I would not have either as my go-to credit card. Best to ask at places where you commonly use a credit card which cards they accept.

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We also pay in full each month. I buy a lot on Amazon, so I have found their rewards Visa very, well, rewarding. One point per dollar for everything, 2 for some categories, and 3 for anything purchased on Amazon where they are the seller. I can use my points right at checkout, which is great. Any time I've had to call they've been very helpful.

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"Neither Discover nor Amex are as widely accepted as Visa or Mastercard."

True perhaps in your area, but that is not our experience.

There is just one store that will not take my Discover.

There are two professional organizations that will not take DH's AmEx (once a year for annual dues).

So yes, OP check for YOUR transactions!

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AmEx has higher fees for shop owners (I know because I also have a small business). It is less likely to be accepted, in my experience than Discover, which is less likely to be accepted than either VISA or MC. What I do, is rarely use my debit card (which, depending on my banking institution is a MC or a VISA) and use my Discover or AmEx exclusively until someone doesn't take either. (My preference for use is AmEx, then Disc, then, if I have to, I go to one of the debit cards which carry VISA or MC logos).

I pay them all in full every month so I don't carry a balance. The rewards on AmEx (and maybe also Discover) are granted when you pay ON TIME every month (though not in full).


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If you shop at Costco, I second the Costco Amex card.

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Visa - like Williamsem said.

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Thank you for all the great inputs. Folks on the GW are the best!

DH reminded me the experience I had with the Discover card. Years ago I had one. The last transaction before I terminated the card was I made a $10K purchase, as always paid in full for that billing cycle. I received financial charge of $250 the following month recorded as I had only made payment for $1K. It turned out the mistake was caused by Discover Card's clerical error, but I was the one had to run between my bank and Discover Card to provide payment proof. It took a couple of months to clear the issue. Discover Card customer service was very rude during the entire incidence. Discover card may have changed their business practice after all these years.

I will look into Costco Amex since I already have a VISA card.

For the Costco Amex cardholders, do you eve have problems with their service?

As a side note, my Visa card is issued by Nordstorm. Their customer service is impacable. They give rebate in Nordstom notes, I will definately keep the card. Considering a new card is that I am looking for cash rebate option other than store specific rebate.

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I have the COSTCO AMEX card. While the rewards are great, including 3% on gas, 2% travel, and 1% everything else, it is not accepted everywhere. The rebate is paid once a year in the form of a check that can be cashed at COSTCO warehouses. My recent difficulties have been with a few gas stations and a local beauty shop. When that happens, I simply use my lower rewards MC. So, I highly recommend the COSTCO AMEX but only if you have a back-up MC or VISA for the times it won't be accepted.

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I've had very good experiences with Discover card customer service. I pay my balance in full every month.

I also like their rewards program. It's 1% on everything (after a certain minimum is reached - I don't think about that much because I charge everything). They have quarterly promotions of 5% back (gas, restaurants, home improvement, etc). I always redeem my cash back in the form of gift cards, which offer even more money back - for example, redeem $20, get a $25 gift card to Bed, Bath and Beyond. Free money on top of free money!

I also have a Target Visa. They give you 5% off your Target purchase, so I always use it there.

I've found most places in the US take Discover; they don't take it in Canada. Any place I can't use Discover, I use the Target Visa.

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