Need confirmation - Do I need more than the temper glass?

nosleepOctober 24, 2011

My fireplace glass front is missing. The last owner of the house told me that I just need to replace with a piece of tempered glass. The big fire place frame is metal with 4 metal taps in the back that looks like a picture frame. There is one big piece of glass (26" x 36" about 1/4" thick I am guessing) suppose to go in the frame as a fireplace enclosure front and it appears that you fold the 4 small metal taps on the side to hold the glass in place.

When I took the frame to the glass place, the people there told me that there could be something that is between the glass and the metal so it won't rattle. They also worry about thermal expansion of the glass if I just put the exact piece in there. I have a very difficult time asking people and searching the internet to verify if there is something typically between the glass and the metal frame.

Can someone in the forum help me with this? Will it work with just putting the exact piece of glass like the glass in a picture frame and clamp down the 4 metal taps in the back of it? How can I clamp it down without breaking the temper glass? Is there a type of material that can handle the heat and make the glass stay better in place? Thanks.

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Go to a stove/fireplace shop and make sure what you have is actually glass.

All the "glass" in woodstoves is actually clear ceramic which can withstand the temperatures, so just make sure you replace the panel with the right material.

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I found a very small pieces of glass in the fireplace. It was clear and it has no sharp edges and looks somewhat like a little cylinder (about 3/8" x 1/16", the size of two long grain rice stack on top of each other). It looks like a broken piece from a tempered glass. Would a broken clear ceramic look like that as well? I don't have much experience with clear ceramic.

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Visually you can't tell the differance between regular glass and ceramic glass. I needed glass for my woodstove and they referred to it as "ice glass". It sits in the metal frame with stove rope as a cusion. this is available from Rutland and can be purchased at a home store. I got mine at Menards.

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