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km34567March 30, 2011

We are planning on building a home. In our current contract, there is hardwood flooring over 1230 sq ft of the first floor. 4" oak that will be finished and stained on site is included. The builder says the oak included is $5 per sq foot.

We don't like the look of oak. We preferred another wood--maple. The hard wood we preferred was listed as $12 per sq foot but is prefinished; no onsite staining or finishing required.

I wanted to find out if there is a significant difference in cost between the two with regard to overall installation. I would imagine that if wood is pre-finished and no onsite finishing and staining is requiried there should be a cost savings that would offset the difference in price of the wood itself. I am going to bet that our builder will say no difference in installation and charge us for the entire difference in cost ($12 minus $5) of the woods.

Advice? Thanks in advance

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It depends on how your contract is set up.

Is this a custom home, or did you pick a pre-set package from the builder? If the latter, he probably has a flooring source that he uses and trusts, who give him a builder's discount and a good guarantee. If you buy your maple elsewhere and he installs it, he's on the hook for any unforeseen problems, such as: the flooring isn't delivered on time; or the finish is no good; or you need extra because the quality is poor and a lot of boards are culled out. Some builders won't do changes like this, some may charge you for it, and some may tell you to handle it yourself.

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I can't be sure but I think maple is a more expensive hardwood than oak. Talk to your builder again and ask how you can come to a more agreeable price or maybe he can show you a stain over the oak that you would like and not be able to tell it's oak? I have seen some beautiful oak floors stained with a darker finish that were so pretty!! I was shocked to find out that they were oak floors!

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