Harman insert or P68??

davidonOctober 19, 2007

I'm interested in getting an insert or pellet stove but after reading a few emails by people who have the pellet stoves...is it true that the savings is negligable with the cost of pellets as high as they are? If this is true I will scrap the idea.

If it's worth getting should I get an insert for around 3200 (which is more desirable) or a p68 for a steal (900 NEW) ?

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Here's the way I see it. Let's assume you can get a cord of wood for $150.00 and your wood stove/insert is 75% efficient. This will give you about 1,000 BTUs per $1.

So if your pellet stove is 85% efficient, you would have to pay $136.00 to equal the wood's 1,000 BTU per $1. I can get wood for $150.00 but I have not seen pellets anywhere near $135.00.

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A new P68 for 900 bucks is pretty awesome deal. I'm looking at getting a P61. I went down the woodstove path, but decided on a pellet stove based on work load of procuring and then stacking/seasoning wood as well as if I sell the house I can unplug and move the stove with me fairly easily. If I thought I'd be in this house a while and had a ready source of free wood I'd go woodstove (wood stove heat is awesome as well as the best ambiance). Wood here is 255 for a full cord (delivered), a ton of pellets is 211. If I pre buy in the spring I can get pellets about 170. Kind of runs par with nat. gas but if you pre-buy low you're locked in at a good price, where nat. gas fluctuates pretty well dependent on hurricanes in the gulf and etc.
I got a couple prices on Harman stoves, the most expensive one for a p68 was 3108.00, so in my opinion 900 bucks is kind of sweet.

Good Luck!

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