Best credit card for us

victory_tea2085June 30, 2012

We would like a reliable credit card that pays us the most on our purchases- especially gas and groceries. We always pay our card off monthly and we both (we're married) have excellent credit. We would like a card that issues the highest % in redemtion points- Thanks, Paull

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Clark Howard mentions a website that has you put in your typical expenses and then tells you the type of card that would give you the best profit. Sorry don't remember the site--ANYONE? I did ours and the card we have came up as a third choice...we love our Capital One card and get a lot back per year but know there may be better ones out there.

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I googled "best credit cards"and got, which is a reputable website.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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If you are able to Join Navy Fed C.U they have a cash rewards card that gives you 1% cash back on the first $1000, and 1.5% after that.

You can also get a paypal debit card. We get 1.5% cash back on all our purchase when we use it as a credit card. I like it because I don't have a credit card bill.

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Are you near a Costco? I realize you are only 2 people (in your family), but honestly, I shop mainly costco for food and gas, and the rewards on the AmEx are Excellent (cash back--from Costco; and again from AmEx). Not to mention the savings on gas price alone because of their ability to bulk buy it (in my area, averages 15-24 cents lower per gallon than other local gas stations; even Safeway).

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Right now we have the Blue Cash preferred card from American Express which pays us 6% at supermarkets 3% at gas stations and department stores and 1% everywhere else. Our 1st year was free but soon we will have to pay 75$ for membership. Just wondering if there was a better card. Thanks for all the replies. Paul

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kirkhall; no, but I wish we were near a Costco- there are 3 in our family. Thanks for the reply- Paul

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This site maybe help you find the right card for you.
I just used it to decide on the Chase Sapphire because it has no FTF, I'm living outside the USA now and would pay enormous fees for foreign transactions.

Here is a link that might be useful: nerdwallet

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