what should we do?

auntneteJune 3, 2007

My husband's company will be laying off in a few weeks. While they have assured him that he will not be in the bunch, (yeah right) he has started looking. He flys to KS for an interview this week. We are the victims of identity theft. We did not know about it for almost 2 -3 years and now are really scrambling. Our housekeeper was taking those pre approved CC and opening them. She was here to check the mail and 'screened' it before we got it. Then she wrote $6K in those checks that come in the mail on the credit cards. She kept up the payments for a while on everything then disappeared and the flood gates opened. We have filed all the necessary documents but our credit is destroyed. I know new employers check your credit, what do you think we should do? It is taking forever to go through the steps with this identity thing. Then I thought about electric companies,telephone companies what will happen? We have lived in the same place over 20 years this is a nightmare.

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I think you can put a statement on the credit report that basically states that you are a victim of idenity theft. I'm not sure about the details. In this day and age, it's more common than you think and I'm sure if a prospective employer was told of the theft, it wouldn't stop your husband from getting the job. Hopefully others can give you more info. I wish you the best...

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A copy of the police report should satisfy any new employer inquiries.

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