removed insert - how to convert to gas

pielminiOctober 22, 2012

Hi I need help! I have removed an old insert from our fireplace ( house built in 1980 and fireplace was built for wood) and covered the old brick with cement for a more modern look. I am unsure how to proceed and don't know what I need to convert to gas. I don't really need this fireplace for warmth so I was thinking converting it to gas so it would be cleaner. As you can see from the picture, I have the insert's pipe still in the chimney. I don't see any type of flue or way to close up the chimney like a wood burning is suppose to have. I plan to remove the pipe and the secondary metal layer on the sides of the box as seen in the pic, but don't know what to do next. Is layering the metal box with fireplace brick enough? Then I have a gas line run and add fake logs and glass front? The chimney on the outside is stucco and has a metal pipe ( different than the one hanging) maybe 10" in diameter for the chimney. Anyone have any ideas on the correct steps? Much Thanks,


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