Removing medallion

attofaradMarch 6, 2013

My installer put my 36 inch hardwood medallion in rotated. He measured off the wall. rather than aligning to his flooring, which makes it off just under 3/8" edge to edge. Is off, looks off. Focal point in entry, shouts "Hey look at me, I'm really cool, if I were only installed straight."

Flooring is stapled, medallion is glued, and pin nailed around the periphery, I think with Bostik's Best. Plywood subfloor. The floor is sanded but not final.

It will be removed. Rip up the T&G, then remove the medallion.

Anything like a wire saw or something that could remove the medallion plywood base from the plywood subfloor? If the medallion cannot be salvaged, what is the best way to avoid damaging the subfloor?

Medallion itself is about 3/8" hardwood pattern over 3/8" plywood.

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Cut through the subfloor and replace.
I have created many medallions and always thought that the money would be better spent on a rug.
If you try to grind it up there will be dust even after you move on.
You will take it with you.
You might be able to thicken the base board and fool the eye creating symmetry if the medallion is not cockeyed.

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