Marquis Solara (by Kingsman) versus Valor Legend G3 insert firepl

vegansallyOctober 22, 2009

Hi! I am currently shopping for a gas fireplace to replace wood-burning one in our family room. I have narrowed it down to Valor G3 Legend insert OR Marquis Solara by Kingsman. Any thoughts anyone? I am having such a hard time making this decision. The Clean View model of the Solara is really pretty, but I like the idea of the radiant heat and ceramic glass which the Valor offers. I used to have a Valor at a previous house and really loved it. The Solara is just so pretty though...It is only 19000 BTUs, whereas the Legend is 26000 BTUs. Any advice would be appreciated!!

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We have the Valor and luv it. It heats all the downstairs of our 2650 sq ft house and quickly too.
This dummy replaced the forced air furnace about 6 months before installing the fireplace. Total waste of money (forced air), think it has been on 3 or 4 times in the 3 years we have had the fireplace--and that's to just heat the upstairs on a very cold morning.
Eventually I will put another Valor in the master bedroom or maybe a Lopi--alto the Lopi is not as controllable as the Valor---but like you, the Lopi has one model I really like the look of---fortunately it puts out bout the same heat as the Valor.

Good Luck


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Thanks Gary. Is your Valor the Legend G3 insert?

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I will search around for the manual and let ya know. Whatever you decide I would get the fan kit.
At first I didn't and the heat went straight up and hit a small ledge over the fireplace--later I built an onyx surround which got rid of the ledge, but before I did that, I added the fan kit, and it really improve the heat disappation of the fireplace---the ledge stayed cool after that.


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That is interesting, Gary, because they market very strongly that fans aren't required for Valors!! Very interesting indeed... Thanks for the info.

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ok our Valor fireplace is the 534xan.
That is the "Horizon Series"
We have the remote which works great.
Before we added the fan, the heat would leave the
front of the fireplace and go straight up and catch
on that ledge I mentioned, even getting it so hot
that it was uncomfortable to touch.
With the fan, which is continuoulsy adjustable, the
hot air comes away from the fireplace then rises.
go here to see the fireplace:

One thing interesting about the remote is it works with Ultra sound (Like the very first TV's with remotes)--so it is non directional (You dont have to aim it at the fireplace)--just like RF remotes.
Good Luck with your hunt!!


Here is a link that might be useful: Valor Horizon Direct Vent gas fireplace

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Thanks Gary. I actually ordered the fireplace early today - I decided to go with the Marquis Solara - I just couldn't resist the modern styling of it - the clean view (no louvers). And the log set is nice also - something that I am pretty fussy about. I also upgraded to the porcelain reflective panels to make the fire look bigger. I hope I made the right decision. I guess only time will tell. Thanks for all your help.

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I kinda like those with the modern styling for our master bedroom, but the wife thought it was "too Modern" alto I really liked the clean lines.
Let us know how the fireplace works for you, How it heats, etc--always nice to have "Options"


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Ok Gary, I will update you later - it will be at least a couple of weeks before they actually install it - it is pretty cold here already (in Ontario, Canada) so the fireplace stores are really, really busy right now trying to keep up with their installations. I think this particular store is extra busy because of the fact that they are selling this new line of Marquis clear-view fireplaces which everyone seems to want!

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I regret not getting the Valor. The Solara is fine, and looks quite pretty, but I don't think it gives off quite enough heat for our Canadian winters. I was trying to save a bit of money but wish I had splurged on the Valor. (Gary, I didn't end up getting the Clear View unit, I ended up getting one with louvers.)

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Well, I hope you are able to stay warm. As ya know in S Calif, it doesnt get very cold here, but that Valor sure can kick out the heat, We usually keep the fire very low in it, except when we 1st turn it on. (Too bad we can't swap winter weather (LOL).

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I had this fireplace professionally installed three days ago and really wish I hadn't. It is quite pretty - the log-set is one of the best I have seen.

However, the heat output is really disappointing, at only 21,000 BTUs. It does not heat up my small family room sufficiently.

I would not recommend this if you are looking for a heating source. If you are just looking for ambiance, then this fireplace might be OK for you.

Looks good, but disappointing heat output. It also makes a loud Âbang noise every once in a while which makes everyone in the room jump.

Not recommended. I wish I had bought a Valor instead. When I was purchasing this I could not find even one on-line review, which is why I am posting this so quickly. I hope to save someone else from making the same mistake I made.

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