Changes in Smartstrand

FloortechMarch 29, 2012

Dealers will be getting exclusive Smartstrand offerings within days. New smartstrand Ultra and smartstrand Silk will not be offered at box stores and will have better warranties, a new generation softer and higher performing fiber, ans an all around lineup of features that will be superior to the box store offerings. Although unannounced until now, it has been in the works and this was the aligned and independant dealers answers to the box store pricing. it is apparant that the low ball numbers have been given to Lowes as the product will soon be yesteryears Smartstrand. This does not mean that the box stores is still not a good product. It simply means it no longer is the best product offered, thus why it will be cheaper to buy. Hope this answers some questions and good lucj with your flooring experiences.

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Just when you thought you knew what was going on! LOL! Floortech I am new to this board so based on your user name (and this recent post) I am going to assume you have experience in the flooring industry. Do you have any feedback or opinion on frieze vs. plush carpet?

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Normally a twist will outperform a normal texture/plush. Twist/Frieze is normally a tightly twisted fiber, giving it springlike action. This gives you enormous resiliency meaning great wear. I prefer twist over density any day of the week,,,,so i prefer a twist for performance. Both will wear well when sorona fiber.

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Will this affect the dealers' pricing on the box store offerings at all?

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Any opinions on the new over the old version of Smartstrand?

(I am trying to get the best quality I can but have over 1,600 sq. ft. of flooring that I'm replacing: Two main living areas and 3 less traffic bedrooms. I am looking for looooonnnngggg lasting & sounds like the Smartstrand is the fiber I probably need, right?)

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Reviving this post hoping for current opinions!
Anyone say the new version of Mohawk Smartstrand frieze is much better than the old version? (I've got a lot to buy & we're finally at that stage in the game so just hoping for a last ditch effort at feedback!)Thanks : )

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i have not been able to find the difference in these 2 lines. does anyone know? thanx

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