OOPS. sticky stain on top of tung oil

lbelleMarch 14, 2012

I have wide plank soft pine floors that were stained and covered with tung oil 5 years ago. Since then I got 2 dogs and they have ripped up the finish in wear areas down to the original wood. ( not to mention all the claw marks, and i know now that either the dogs or the floor was a bad decision, but here we are).

So my friend and I thought to stain the bad areas to blend in the color so it is not obvious. Well, she got a little crazy with the stain (because it was covering and looking good), and didn't wipe it away as much as was needed. Once I saw it, I tried to remove more, but now it is just a sticky new problem. Do you think I can take mineral spirits and wipe down the whole thing? Any other ideas?

BTW, We want to sell the house and will give an allowance toward refinishing . In the meantime, feel the dogs would just gouge the floors if we refinished now, so just want it to not look so bad.

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Check with the manufacturer first or installer about care. Mineral spirits will be too harsh. May end up with sanding and reapplying tung oil.

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Mineral spirits ASAP. Use clean absorbent rags then soak them in water or spread them out to dry. Spontaneous combustion is a very real possibility.
I suggest you get a pro to look it over. The stained bare wood marks still need to be sealed.

The 1st question I ask a client looking for a wood floor is, "Do you have a dog?" if yes the 2nd is "how large?" every other decision flows from there.

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"Mineral spirits will be too harsh."

Mineral spirits is actually about the mildest of the solvents available.

One of the reasons it is used as a cleaner on almost any finish that is not plastic.

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