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FloortechMarch 18, 2011

FYI Earthwerks has launched a new product that is solid vinyl in wood grain and 4 tile looks that is a solid snap together vinyl plank. What this means is that water will not hurt it and an extremely easy install and repair. As a matter of fact they informed us that a repair can be made in the middle of the floor without unsnapping the floor starting at a wall. You would simply cut it our and squeeze another plan into its snapping position. They offer 2 weights I am told..a residential with a light commercial warranty and a heavy commercial. Decent price point it appears. Something for people to analyze in the future. I ordered a display of it.. We will see..stay tuned...

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I look forward to your opinion of the product when it arrives.

Sounds like a cure for the glue failure of the seems on regular stick-um vinyl planks.

Also the cure for laminate water issue in kitchens and baths.

Best of both??
Standing -by.

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This is timely. We are about to place an order for the Adura vinyl plank. Is the Earthwerks comparable in specs/price? Less costly would be great!

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Floortech I understand that the product is just being released so info is not available but can you compare, in general, the Earthwerks product vs Mannington Adura? Is the quality comparable?


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Any more info on this product?

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I am waiting for the display for much closer examination...

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Any more news on this? My parents had it installed this week. The flooring place they purchased it had pretty good things to say about it. They ended up switching from a higher priced product, so the flooring place was not trying to get more money out of them.

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Lower grade one had some issues...Higher end one is highly rated!

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Cool. I went and saw it today and it looks good. I didn't see a box or anything though to get the information on which one it was.

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Hmmm.... After looking at the website, I think they probably have the lower grade one, if that is what LinkWerks - Rapid Clic is. I thought the product was glued down, but maybe not. I saw some leftover scraps of the material, and I do know it had a small lip on it, which leads me to believe it has to be the rapid clic.

Do you mind sharing what issues it had? Too late now for them to switch products, but if there is anything they need to watch out for, maybe it can help.

Thank you.

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