please help!! whats the best furniture fabric/material with cats?

jretzlaffApril 23, 2008

My wife and I are about to finally spend some decent money on some nice living room furniture and we are completely confused on what the best material is to get for a household with cats.

We have an older large cat and a younger small cat. They have thrashed the corners of our old fabric couch/loveseat and we work so much we don't have much time to train them. Or they have a lot of time during the day to "not mind the rules", rather.

My thought is that leather may show the scratching, but won't end up as bad as if we do fabric. They both have their claws and mostly have scratched up the leather arms of our big leather chair from jumping ON to it, no intentionally "marking" it like they have the corners of the fabric couch.

What are all your thoughts?

Sorry if this has been covered here before, I'm new to the site and wasn't savvy to the search function.

Thanks again, JR

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Don't do leather. I have seen housecats destroy new leather furniture within 24 hours after installation. In fact, its the # 1 cause of ruined new leather furniture, by far.

Don't get any kind of fabric with an open weave, such as chenilles or wovens.

Stay with Microfibers. They're 100% polyester and are bonded so tightly together that there are no nits for the cats to get to. That's going to be your best bet of all classes of fabrics, with the bonus that it cleans easily.

Duane Collie

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Soft paws are really good for this kind of thing, I may or may not use them.,

de clawing will cause cats pain,suffering, and could turn them into biters. Its illegal in much of the world actually. ( UK, New zealand,europe,france,ect).

if not, you can spray with water/put pads up to protect and/or re home the cats.

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You can try rattan furniture, they are good and eco friendly.
Buy it directly from Indonesia as this is the place for the best rattan furniture and this is home of the best rattan.

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Get a nice, big, carpeting scratching post for them. The cat we had when I was growing up destroyed three couches, stereo speakers, drapes....

In hindsight, I told my mother one day, we never gave him any appropriate thing that he could scratch. Cats HAVE to scratch.

My boy I have now is good about only using is post (occasionally the carpet but it doesn't damage).

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I'm thinking through the same problem. In my case, our two cats do not scratch on the furniture. The problem is their fur: the downy fur gets on the current chenille sofa fabric and is really tough to remove. We were thinking leather for ease of fur removal. Anyone have cats and a fabric that they have found both comfortable and easy to get fur off of?

We're planning to get two facing loveseats, and don't want to have to keep them covered all the time, as we now do.

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Anyone with a fabric sofa that is easy to clean cat fur off of?

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I vote leather. We got distressed leather so the paw marks that are there from them jumping on or off don't really show much. They have never intentionally scratched the leather. It is easy to clean.
We have had our set for about 4 years.

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Bought all leather for my living room with the thought that the fur wouldn't stick. It worked BUT the cats scratched and clawed every exposed corner. My expensive furniture is a mess with little resale value. I love the furniture because it's so comfy but don't know how to repair or minimize the clawed corners.

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Check out this post from the Pets forum. They talk about Ultra Suede as being the best bet. There are also some furniture horror stories to consider.

Here is a link that might be useful: Pets Forum

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It really depends on the cats. My last generation of cats never hurt any of my furniture. However, the current pair, now 3 years old, have definitely done some damage to my expensive ultrasuede couches, mainly on the top corners. They've also done some shredding to the dining chairs which have a tweedy fabric upholstery. The cats spin around the chair back and seat chasing their tails. My leather easy chair hasn't gotten any damage, but it's a fairly smooth, tightly fitted leather, not one of the buttery soft ones.

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DO NOT get rattan!! We had a small piece of storage furniture with wicker baskets and the cats destroyed the baskets scratching them.

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I will suggest an alternative here, buy a sofa that you can easily replace individual parts. These sofas have individual components: arms, backs, seats, and cushions. For instance if a arm gets damage, then this manufacturer will send a replacement arm in the same fabric, same goes for any other part of the sofa. I recommend a tight woven cotton canvas fabric, its easy to clean as microfiber tends to attract animal hairs.

Here is a link that might be useful: Component Sofas

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This End Up Furniture Co. offers sofa, chairs etc with solid wood arms and exposed parts. Also they offer replacement cushions and fabric covers.

Here is a link that might be useful: This End Up

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I should add that a solid hardwood frame with double dowel joints that is glued / screwed together is the best and strongest upholstered frame available.
When a company says a solid wood frame with mortise & tenon joinery, in translation that is a pine plywood frame cut on a CNC router, and the joints is not a true mortise and tenon, but actually just overlapping tenons that is stapled together with a bit of glue. Its the cheapest way to make a upholstery frame and about 90% of upholstery manufacturers are doing to this to cut costs. At the sacrifice of quality. But you can still buy a quality built real solid hardwood frame that has doubled dowel joints that is glued and screwed, for less than the above mentioned retailer.

Here is a link that might be useful: solid hardwood frame sofas

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