Novalis 18X18 vinyl tile w/grout - feedback/suggestions?

copper_queenMarch 10, 2011

I accidentally discovered this product at Lowe's when I went there to buy Swiftlock laminate tile-looking stuff that was on sale. I bought the 18X18 tiles with beveled grout edges. Has anyone used these with the vinyl tile grout? After reading the forum postings on the vinyl "wood" planks I think I made the right decision. After reading reviews on Lowe's site, it seems like no one used the grout. So I just wondered if anyone had experience with this?

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I've been kicking around a few samples in my kitchen too. I'd like to do it this weekend but can't decide to grout or not to grout.. I'd love the look but am petrified something will come up later. Also I assume you do spacers and the like just like ceramic when installing???

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I don't think you use spacers. Since the edges are beveled, I assumed you just lay them edge to edge and then fill in the joint with the grout. I haven't read the instructions (if there are any) yet. I'll probably be laying it this weekend and grouting next week, so I'll let you know how it goes and post some pics.

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I saw the Trafficmaster brand at Home Depot today, and I have to say it did look really nice. And at $1/sq ft, you can't beat the price. I too am concerned about grout cracking in the future.

We are going to lay down plywood or luan first.

Has anybody used the vinyl groutable tiles w/grout? I would love to hear how they hold up long term.

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We have chosen Allure tiles with the grout line as part of the product. I did notice on display some vinyl tiles where actual grout for vinyl tiles can be used. We looked at a sample and decided not to bother with spacers, grout, etc. We chose a tile for our kitchen with the longest warranty, which does make a difference on endurance. We have used a similar Armstrong product in another house in our kitchen and received many compliments. This tile has held up under all kinds of activity - we have three young grand kids and three pets. We never had any problems with the tile in the other house other than we had to put some wood pieces under the feet of the appliances since vinyl does dent with pressure - and so does hardwood, after a period of time. Easy to install and we love it. We opted out of hardwood or ceramic in our kitchen until the pets are down to one and the grand kids are older. Home Depot told us today that they are coming out with yet another new product that locks in place. It was a special order until the product comes in two weeks from now. As far as cleaning this Vinyl, I just use a swifter to clean it and go over it with a microfiber cloth attached to the swifter for drying.

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kayeal - Did you get the self stick or the floating kind that sticks to each other?

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Disaster! I bought the Novalis 18X18 tile with the suggestion that I could grout it with non sanded vinyl grout. (Provided by the tile display)The display at Lowes showed it grouted. (Note: I've done considerable tile, vinyl and carpentry projects) Instalation was a breeze and product looks fantastic. But joints are not clean and some tile is slightly off square. I figured no problem - the grout will cover. When I started grouting, I found the grout lines are so shallow that they clean off with the clean-up. Tried waiting until it was more set and found the grout sticking to the tile. Spent next two hours cleaning all grout applied as best possible and replaced a few tiles. Honestly don't know what to do at this point. It needs something. Couldn't find anything on the instructions that mentioned these being "groutable". Anybody have experience with this?

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We laid the tiles and grouted them in last week. I have to say I'm pretty impressed. For a cheap cover job they look amazing. I cleaned up as well as we could and didn't have too much trouble with haze at installation. I'll try to get pictures up soon. Now the big test is how it holds up in the future

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hildefer, did you use spacers, or just grout the beveled edges and butted them up first as close as you could?

Did you get pics for this?


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The CasaBella Tile series is the ONLY Novalis product that can be grouted.
Yes, use spacers.
You must allow the T-126 adhesive 24 hours to cure before grouting.
You must use a premixed grout approved for vinyl tile. (the one we use is manufactured by Mapei) MIST the tile lightly with water before grouting.
It takes practice to learn to grout correctly, if your not holding your float properly you will pull the grout out of the joint.
As for the tile not being 100% square.....NOTHING IS.

Here is a link that might be useful: Novalis CasaBella Tile

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