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rtb_crapOctober 25, 2007

I have a stone veneer fireplace. Above the lintel, but below the damper, the rear of the stone - about 10" wide - is exposed to the inside of the firebox. This is only visible if I stick my head up inside the fireplace.

It is higher than the flames reach, but still gets very hot and I've notice some hairline cracks in the mortar. I want to insulate the back of stones, but am unsure how. Here are my current options:

1. Glue ceramic fiber insulation to the stone veneer.

2. #1, plus cover it with aluminum flashing which I'd screw into the damper.

3. Several coats of HS 10 Heatstop refractory mortar.

Any thoughts on which option is best or a better suggestion would be greatly appreciated. It's getting cold in MA and I need my fireplace!

Thank you in advance.


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1. The glue you use should be a high-temp refractory cement. The ceramic insulation sounds capable of the high temps (no glass fiber insulation).

2. Aluminum flashing may not be durable enough. You might want to go to a local sheet metal shop and have a thicker piece of black iron sheet cut and formed to your dimensions. If you can extend this to the edges of the firebox and stand it off the insulation to allow cooler air to flow convectively behind it while the face of it acts as a radiation shield for the insulation, so much the better.

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