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joyfulguyJune 6, 2005

Greetings, all.

This is especially useful for Canadians, right now, as the U.S. closed the border to Canadian beef, much of which was slaughtered in the U.S., and now Canadian farmers get about half of the former price for their live animals.

Quality animals, that is - old cows, bulls, etc. bring much less.

But ... the price of beef in the supermarket has not gone down.

Or, if it has, by only a smidgeon.

I suggested that some Canadians arrange with a locasl abattoiir and farmer to buy an animal directly and have it slaughtered locally - that it would save them a substantial amount.

It'll work for others where beef cattle are raised locally, though not as well.

I heard the other day that a beef farmer on the prairies has arranged with a local church that if some of their parishioners choose to buy an animal from him, he'll donate 10% of the price to the congregation.

Now - nine churches in Winnipeg are part of that system.

There's a somewhat fuller outline of the system over on the "Money Saving Tips" forum.

Have a great week, all.

ole joyful

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Our(US) meat went up some.

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