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dorry2April 23, 2012

I really need to make a decision on sofa fabric for a summer home. I posted a while ago with fabrics that the sales rep talked me out off and saying, down the road, the fabrics will not wear well, one will pill and get fuzzy, blah, blah, blah! This is a Broyhill fabric since I do not want to go high-end for a summer place. The thought is in a few years, I will retire this sofa to the loft upstairs.

The second photo is a truer representation of the fabric. It is a nice weight -do you think this is a good choice for a sofa? This is a summer home that will not be used heavily and no small children, just a few young mid-20's adults! The rep said it will show water marks. I am not that concerned and have never spilled anything on our home sofa. I am going back and forth trying to decide on a fabric. Your thoughts are appreciated.

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I forgot to add, the fabric is 100% cotton. Thanks, all!

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If no pets, your probably be fine with this fabric as a medium to light weight cotton, looks similar to the Covington Pebbletex or Kavastex.

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Light weight fabric for furniture is the one that I usually support.

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Most 100% cotton fabrics do not show water marks but if this does it would concern me as it would be very difficult to keep clean. I might ask for a large swatch and experiment on it or ask if you can call the mill for more information.

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How much is that one? Are you choosing it based on cost? I think you can probably find something a little higher end and spend less. Almost all furniture manufacturers doing custom sofas allow C.O.M. (where you buy the fabric) There are a lot of amazing fabric places and a green is EASY! I think this one has the look that it might get wrinkly and wear a bit more than something woven (even if its rarely in use).

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You should looked for a fabric that has been pre-washed prior to being upholstered. If you really want it to be washable there are some fabrics that have been prewashed twice.

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You might want to consider a slipcovered sofa for a summer home like you described. The fabric you have chosen would be perfect for a slipcover.

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