Fiddes hardwax oil?

girlndocsMarch 24, 2010

The time has come for the pine floors in our house to be refinished -- they have had almost no finish on them for a long time. I like penetrating-oil finishes and think they'll look great on our old flooring.

Fiddes and Osmo hardwax oils appeal to me because of the short drying time. We have no extra rooms to use in our house and waiting 3 or more days, as Waterlox and pure Tung require, before the kids can cross the living room to get to their bedroom is really pushing it. I love the idea of being able to apply the finish while the kids spend a night at their grandparents' and having the room usable by the time they get back.

Has anyone used these finishes? Fiddes says that to touch up the finish you must "lightly sand area with 150 grit sandpaper" before reapplying the oil. Does this mean you have to sand every little scratch before you can rub in a dab more of the oil? Has this been your experience using hardwax?


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I hope that someone responds to your post! I am also lookig at Fiddes and OSMO.

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I used Osmo oil on my new fir floors (including the kitchen) and for window trim, stair railings etc. It is an amazing finish and I would definitely use it again. Go online and read the detailed instructions - the main thing is it needs to go on thinly, don't let it pool up. It is easy to apply with just a rag or a flat applicator. So much better than poly finishes. The wood just glows and feels and looks like real wood, not plastic. I have spilled hot oil, blackberry jam and many other things on it and they just wipe up with a damp cloth. The only thing I would do differently is to avoid putting area rugs down for a few months, the fir definitely darkens over time and the rug leaves a light spot. I had a few deep scratches (dog)and just sanded them over and redid the finish on that spot, doesn't show at all. Another bonus is the whole house has a nice natural smell from this finish. Everyone comments on the floors as soon as they come in the house. I would attach a picture but haven't figured out the URL process.

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waves22... I don't mean to hijack this thread, but can you tell me more about your new fir floors? Are they solid or engineered? I live in an 1890 house with original fir floors and want to install new wood floors in a two-room addition with concrete slab. I'm not looking for a match, but want something compatible. Somehow the exotics woods and even the domestic oak and maple don't look right. Thanks.

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