Can you convert a 'key' gas FP into one with a remote?

write4rxOctober 13, 2006

I am having some remodeling done in my house that included putting a new closet in our master bedroom. We have a gas log FP in the bedroom and operate it inserting a "key", turning on the gas, and using a match to light the gas. As a result of the remodel, the "key" to turn on the gas is now inside the closet.

I asked my contractor to relocate the "key" to the wall outside the closet so I can reach it. He said "okay" but then suggested that I consider getting a remote system to turn the FP on and off.

Is this possible? The little I have read on the internet seems to suggest that such systems are designed for younger gas FPs. My home is 20 years old.

Any suggestions on how to upgrade this FP? Thank you!!

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I'm getting from your post that you have a gas log set that has to be lit manually, and when you turn the valve on you have to be ready to lite the logs then or boom, is that right?
If so shame on that contractor for not relocating the valve on his own. To use a remote the log set will have to incorporate a millivolt control valve which can be added to any set but it's not cheap, or buy a new set of logs that has a millivolt control. depending on what gas code you're under that set of logs(if it's as I described) may fall out of code compliance if you disconnect the set from the line. Some codes require that all gas apppliances have a safety system i.e. pilot light, ignition system etc.

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Yes; that's right -- the big BOOM when you light it manually.

Seems like my contractor needs to do a little work and move that valve or advise me on what is involved in upgrading the set to code.

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If you're contractor didn't have sense enough to move the valve to a location where you could turn the gas on and light the flame at the same time, I doubt he knows anything else about fire logs either...ofcourse I could be wrong. the IFGC requires that each gas appliance have a gas shut-off valve within 6 feet of the appliance in the same room, key valves, though not really addressed in the IFGC should be located so as to allow the user to turn the valve on and light the flame at the same time. If you want a remote controlled set I would reccomend moving the valve to a code approved location and installing a new set of logs w/ millivolt valve(manual, thermostat, and millivolt are the choices among gas logs) and add a remote, this type set can also be used with a wall t-stat instead of a remote, but I prefer the remote. A new set is not cheap, but it will cost a lot to add a millivolt valve as well.

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