TV over fireplace - we did the heat test

Shannon01October 22, 2007

There seems to be debate still about putting our expensive tvs over the fireplace, and for good reason. I read that heat will harm tv in longrun, but that newer tvs are made better to prevent that, etc.

Well I have also read to do a heat test. As long as area where tv is does not get warmer than 90degrees than tv will be fine. There is also the depth of mantle that can help keep the heat from rising.

We had the KozyHeat installed this spring and finally had our first fire this weekend. We got the usual fumes from the black paint cooking and by third fire it is gone.

We have not closed the wall up yet so I put my hands all around unit and pipes, no warmth at all. Of course pipe is hot if you touch it. There is also literally no heat in front of fireplace until I put my hands on the upper vents, which the optional fan I had installed blows from. The air blows downwards and out. I could literally have no mantle and no heat would rise to tv.

So I guess we can now build mantle to whatever depth we need and install the tv above. Yes, our room is large so we sit way far back from tv so as to not get sore necks.

We have testdriven the sofa and actually will be less sore than our necks get from looking across and down at our regular tv.

So my test showed for me that there will be no heat issues concerning my tv install. Plus, the blower on the fireplace really is nice, it stays on all night until the temp of fire drops too low to blow our sufficient heat. Really glad we installed this fireplace. It will certainly add value to our home.

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