chimney repair-'Flexible Crown'

rredoggOctober 2, 2005

I previously posted a question about chimney repair where a local company came out and after inspecting the chimney suggested a "flexible crown" be applied over the existing crown. The company offered this service for $180.00 dollars.

I was able to locate this product (Weather Tite Flexible Crown) and made a retail purches (2 Gal. bucket for $180). Got together with some of the neighbors and we did our four chimneys with some of the product left over.

Also found a place on E-bay selling the same product for less but I opted to go with a local outfit to pruchase.

Nothing wrong with saving a buck, rredogg

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I'm not sure what your product looked like, but I closed up a chimney on a previous house by chipping out the top clay liner and then inserting a flat piece of rock over the hole. I think used mortar on top of the rock to smooth the patch with the rest of the cement cap.

I then used a black polymer type stuff from Home Depot/Lowes that cost less than 20 bucks to "paint" the top of the cement cap, thereby sealing the whole thing.

Is your stuff somehow different from the Homne Depot stuff?

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This would be a different product. The product I used was intended to protect the crown of the chimney from weathering and for waterproffing. If you do a goggle search regarding a "flexible crown" you'll see what I mean.

Talk to you later, rredogg

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Yep, the stuff I used was also specifically for sealing masonry. I looked at the stuff you bought, and the only advantage I could see over the stuff I used was that it came in colors other than black.

Other than the color, the funciton seemed to be the same.

So I guess I'm adding this note for anybody out there who wants to seal the top of their chimney cap and doesn't care that it's black -

You can get stuff cheap at Lowes or Home Depot that will do the job as well as the expensive stuff.

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I recognize that this thread is from 05 but i thought i would add some info for those of you who are repairing masonry chimneys. The Flexible Crown product from Weathertite Idndustries has a 15 year warranty. The black tar like products from hardware stores will get hard over time and probably crack. I would look closely at the warranty before putting anything on my house.

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