- A Reputable Online Source of Hardwood?

mnwildroseMarch 14, 2011

I've found what looks to be beautiful and good-quality hardwood flooring options on Can anyone tell me if this is an online company that has a good reputation? It seems that we could save a lot of money on "select" grade flooring (looking at Ipe or Patagonian Rosewood). But I want to know that our purchase experience will be positive. Please share any thoughts you may have.

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I only plan to write this response once as it is a subject that I labor over all the time. I have grown a flooring company over the last 16 years to a quite large one and the single most common subject that comes before me is online hardwood sales. My company loses a high percentage it seems to internet sales as we have a magnificent showroom of 25 manufacturers. We have clients sign out samples all the time and simply get a thank you when they return them without even an opportunity to give them an aggressive price. So in the last 90 days I have begun researching this subject to the best of my ability by having discussions with manufacturers and distributors alike regarding these online sales. There are times that these online companies sell products for the same number that I am programmed to buy them at. In reality the manufacturers only wish to support online sales of people who have a brick and mortar store. if they are web based only... the manufacturer will have very little to do with them. The biggest issues that you will have with a web based seller is if their is an issue. If the wood is milled incorrectly or the finish is no good, etc or anything that is questionable at will be much more difficult for you to get resolution. It will be a 3rd party inspector whom you'll more than likely be dealing with. You will not have a store that will come out and view it and get something done for you. Or if it damaged in shipping, or any other problem..minor or major...will become much more difficult to deal with. We are currently renegotiating with all our manufacturers so that I can match internet pricing from reputable internet dealers. Each manufacturer or distributor knows who is reputable and who is not. We plan to combat the issue head on and actually look up reputable internet companies and match those prices to our local customers. We are going to increase our installation rate by a lot as we can not sell the products at such as small margin and take the risk of a perfect install. Our installations include moisture readings to the sub floor and wood to be interior humidity read through out the entire installation process..We make sure the customer has their warranty papers filled out...a free maintenance kit for their floors and many times a free area rug for on the floor. We give the customer a hardwood experience yet we lose so many to the we now are going to bring it up to the customer and look it up right in front of them from an authorized internet seller that the manufacturer recognizes...then we will match that price. But overall i will say..buyer beware with online buying should there ever be a problem...and I have seen plenty of problems through our own doors and we make it right immediately. I am not sure you will get that with online buying. Good Luck

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