Our Zoo Needs Votes!

ttoddMay 28, 2012

Haven't been around much on the convo side but when this e-mail hit my in-box I knew if anyone could/ would help you guys would! This is a charity event that our locol Zoo is being represented at. Obviously donations have been down for the past year both public and private. Last year there was great debate about whether they would be able to open for the full year. All animals housed at the zoo are animals that were injured and would not be able to be re-released back to the wild.

Please take a look and vote for table #3 if you'd like to support. Thank you!


Your vote can make all the difference! Last year Elmwood Park Zoo took the gold and nearly $10,000 from the MacKenzie-Childs table top event. Designer and zoo friend Meg Clemm, owner of Katy MacKenzie Designs, is pleased to represent the zoo again this year with a fantastic animal themed table, featuring two fanciful monkeys as this years table mascots! Please take a minute and vote for table #3 by one of the following three ways:


1. FACEBOOK- Log into your Facebook account and search for "MacKenzie-Childs". "Like" their page and then click on the "vote for your favorite NYC designer table" link found on their wall post. Go to TABLE #3 -Meg Clemm, Katy MacKenzie Designs with Elmwood Park Zoo- "LIKE" the picture of table #3.

2. EMAIL- Send an email to facebooknyc@mackenzie-childs.com with the following information:

-Table #3

-Your name, address and phone number and if you would like to receive a catalog from MacKenzie-Childs

3. TWITTER- Log into your Twitter account and tweet "Table Three" @CourtlyCheck followed by #Mackenzie-childsNYC.

Voting ends May 31, so please vote today and spread the word!

Here is a link that might be useful: McKenzie-Childs Table Top Event

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You need to catch up to Table #1 ; I voted for your table, I love it.

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Yesterday, I voted for your table.....This morning,I go to Facebook and a friend (not on this forum that I know of) has posted the link to your table asking for votes! Small world.

Good luck.

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