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jefsboysOctober 31, 2011


I have an old coal stove(Weil McLain Co), not sure of year but the house was built in 1904.

I am currently researching other fuels to heat the water in our home for our radiators.

The previous owners had a gas boiler installed and it is currently providing the heating for the water.

When the owner had the gas boiler put in he left the old coal stove in the plumbing loop but simply had shutoff valves put in place to keep it from the loop while not in use. This could be very handy for me as I really just need to open the valves and the water will be circulating through again. The circulating pump and everything is still in the loop.

I have included a pictures of this old thing.

It does have a crack in the front plate but I think a welder should be able to take care of that no worries.

Probably would have to remove the feeder/stoker as well.

Can I burn wood in this old thing to assist in my water heating and therefore greatly reduce my gas bill?

Thoughts/comments welcome.

As I said I am simply researching at this point and am even considering just having a new wood fired boiler put in place if need be.

By jefsboys at 2011-10-31

By jefsboys at 2011-10-31

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I don't where you are located but that boiler is worth more as scrap. Don't know when the other owner converted, but there are some issues that are obvious from the photo.Number one is the flue, I am almost positive that flue isn't lined (chimney). Just by looking at the configuration of the duct to flue, big no no.Smoke rises . Valves , good luck opening. Take the money from the scrap yard and buy the necessary equipment to finalize the decommission.
I have seen these boilers, somebody removed the asbestos insulation, your lucky

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DON'T SCRAP THAT SETUP!! That is an amazing still intact old coal stoker boiler worth it's weight in gold (not really, but they're rare still in use and you are VERY lucky to have one) Do not scrap it or burn wood in it. It is an AUTOMATIC stoker boiler that uses very inexpensive bituminous coal and burns it cleanly and efficiently! let me know where you are and I can tell you where find a coal supplier, you'll probably be able to heat your house for less than $500/year. www.nepacrossroads.com is the coal heating forum on there I'm moderator "Berlin" I would be more than happy to help you get this thing working and find you a coal supplier. Coal produces no creosote in the flue and is a far easier and more cost (and work) effective option. please don't scrap this boiler and stoker unit.

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Take a close look at photo 2. Next to the upper door there is a sizable crack in one of the boiler sections and more than likely inaccessible to thoroughly repair adequately. Why was it replaced in the first place. More than likely it wasn't removed because of additional cost of piping and disposal costs.

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If that crack can't be welded, the boiler should be taken apart section by section (or smashed up) and hauled out of the house. That doesn't change the fact that the STOKER unit should NOT be scrapped. You can get a used boiler in good shape and install the underfeed stoker into it. Residential underfeed stoker units like the one shown are still sold today and cost in excess of $3000.

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Thanks for all the replies.

I am really thinking about getting it rebuilt/welded up if possible.

I am going to go the www.nepacrossroads.com forum and get something started on that.

Again, thank you all for your input.


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