Resurfacing uneven painted brick with cement board

Burlington22October 8, 2013

Hello Do it Yourselfers,
I have an 80's wood burning brick fireplace.
I have removed the hearth to the plywood floor and have taken off the mantel and gone down two courses from the top.
The brick is uneven with pieces jutting out a 1/2 to 1 inches.
I have knocked off the high points with a cold chisel and now wish to cover the brick with cement board, then cover with wood and tile. (The 2013 look).
Above the fire place will go a new smart TV by Samsung.
What is the best way to attach the cement board so it is level all around to the brick and will not come off?

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You may be able to skip the cement board and just use a thick layer of thin set mortar. Apply to the brick and to the tile with a .38" trowel. If it is that bad and you have to use cement board you got 2 choices. Thin set on the brick and on the back of the board or tap cons. Tap cons are self taping concrete anchors. Pilot holes must drilled using a hammer drill w/ a masonry bit.

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One more solution. Get a 4" right angle grinder and a masonry disk.
With this set up you can quite easily knock down the high spots , bricks are relatively soft. You would want a vac running when you do this, it creates a lot of dust. For the price you would pay for the tap cons and cement board, you've got a tool very handy tool that is useful in many ways.
Attach the tiles to the brick using thin set mortar, make sure you wet the brick before start using the thin set. The clay in the brick will suck the moisture from thin set resulting in poor adhesion.

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I might not put a T.V above the wood burner if you use it daily, you see them above gas fireplaces which don't give off as much ambient heat in my opinion. A fiend of mine fried his TV above a wood burner he used as primary heat source. The stack was too close to the unit even though he offset it.

I would forgo the grinding and or plastering with thin set. Cement board would be my choice to start nice and smooth. Be sure to use the blue Tapcon screws to adhere the board.

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