Replacing Blown Out Fireplace

blynn123October 7, 2013


Last winter (I know - it's been awhile) our glass fireplace doors exploded into the family room. Luckily no one was hurt, but now I need to replace the unit. I am a fireplace replacement newbie (aka, I know nothing about requirements or terms), so I hope you'll bear with me.

The fireplace itself is ugly - from the late 80s, contemporary and really beat up. It is a corner, zero clearance fireplace.

I was hoping to upgrade to a propane fueled fireplace - but I have no idea even what to look for...or if I can do that. Do I need a gas fireplace insert, or a gas fireplace or do I need to get a wood fireplace?

Anyone that has any information to help me get started would be greatly appreciated!


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Where is fireplace? Basement? Ground floor? Does fireplace have exterior masonary surround? Do you have natural gas at house? Or use lp tank?

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Fireplace is ins family room. Corner, ground floor. It is zero clearance so no outside masonry. We have a chimney, no natural gas. We could install propane, but otherwise just wood. We have oil heat. We are in Massachusetts.


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Sounds like mine exactly. Corner unit. Has doors on 2 sides. We lasted used it 14yrs ago. Since it occupys corner that end of room is off limits. We had 2nd zero clearance unit in lower level. Tore it out completely and replaced it with new gas fireplace. Which we use a lot. Heats lower level great. Do u want wood fire? Or just heat from fireplace? Putting in a new propane unit is clean but pricey

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