which vented gas logs

sewlutionsOctober 3, 2011

We are wanting to convert our wood burning masonary fireplace to vented propane gas logs. I've looked at burning logs until I am almost blue in the face. I've seen Peterson, Blount, Eiklor, Heatilator, and I'm sure several more. I have questioned dealers on cast iron vs stainless for burners--and all their answers seem reasonable---cast iron won't rust inside, stainless is overkill, etc. I'm impressed by Eiklor--but as mentioned here several times the price is quite a bit higher than the others. In addition, I've had to really bug the salesman to nail down a price for me. Now I've asked a firm price for the remote. @ just doesn't cut it! Does anyone have the 2 burner and what do you think of it? Also, is it worth an extra $350 for a remote? At least that's what the salesperson thinks it ill cost. I'm really leary of this sales person, and it makes me wonder about service. I've talked to Mr Eiklor, and he says they haven't had any problems with this dealer. Any help will be appreciated!

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