Irish peat pellets for woodburning FP?

lithiginOctober 16, 2009


Our new 1920 house has a tiny entrance to its fireplace (perhaps was for coal?), and I'd like a solution so I can burn something for coziness and some warmth in our family room. A single log would barely fit in there (interior is 12x18'), and the ash drop is equally tiny. I have a photo but don't know how to append it.

In Ireland, I recall the hostels burned chunks of peat sod that emitted heat and a wonderful smoky aroma but little flame. They were maybe the size of a fist, not tiny pellets. All of my local FP stores only sell wood pellets and have never heard of this. Am I crazy to think that I can burn this stuff in a regular FP? I found a source below that hasn't returned my calls yet.

Thanks for any input!


Here is a link that might be useful: Inishowen Black Peat Turf Clods/Sods

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Buy some Bituminous coal, that is what you're fireplace was made for, won't smell the same as peat, but if you've spent any time in northern ireland, scotland, england or much of europe from germany eastward, you'll know what it smells like. (of course hopefully you won't be smelling much of anything inside your home, otherwise you have draft/chimney issues). google "bituminous coal sources" to find one near you.

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