Problem with peeling fingernails

no_green_thumbMay 2, 2014

Anyone else have this issue?
We have had an unusually harsh winter here and I am thinking that is a contributing factor. My nails have never been great, but until now okay.
I always keep them polished, but have never had acrylics and don't want them.
Recently, they are just peeling off in layers and as a result are paper-thin. I have used many, many products, mostly as a result of suggestions on the internet.
I just had a manicure and the technician buffed and buffed which has made them worse. By the next morning half the polish was off.
She wanted to do gels, but I did that once and couldn't get the stuff off. Someone at the salon suggested fish, so maybe fish oil.
I know thus could be symptomatic of a health issue, but I don't think that as a few of my nails are fine.
Anyone with similar issues? Thank you.

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My nails have always been a bit thin and as I've aged, they've developed ridges - my mom had ridged nails so I'm guessing it's at least partially hereditary. When I have my nails done at a salon, they always want to buff out the ridges and I've learned that is a disaster just as you have. There are ridge filling base coats that help without tearing apart the nail. But I began taking Collagen several months ago (for a different reason) and have found it makes a huge difference in my nails. They still have ridges, but not as deep. Best of all they are strong and thicker than ever and grow without breaking off. My hair is also growing like crazy which is a good news bad news because it wasn't exactly slow growing before! In addition to growing longer, I have all these new little hairs on my head - at first I though they were broken hair but my stylist looked closely and said they are all new hair - again good news bad news since I already have thick hair.

There are a lot of sources for Collagen, I bought Youtheory from Costco to try it out because of Costco's great return policy. Won't be returning and will buy again.

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I would stop polishing them for a while. Moisturize your hands often.
It might be a deficiency in your diet.
I found that when i got regular manicure, my nails starting tearing. Now,I just keep them filed and trimmed. I'll get a manicure for a special event.
It can't hurt to get a routine check up.

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I've always been lucky to have nice nails, so I can't offer any first hand experience. However, I have a friend who had this same problem. She said the only time her nails ever looked good was when she was on the Atkins diet, because she ate some almond jelly dessert constantly for her sweet treat. She said the diet was worth it just to have nice nails for once. :) It was made with knox gelatin and almond milk (I think) anyway, I know you can buy gelatin capsules, so that might be worth a try.

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Annie Deighnaugh

Maybe this article will help.

Stop polishing and leave them be.

Make sure you are getting lots of protein in your diet. Advice was always to eat jello to grow has protein in it. B vitamins also play an important role in nail health.

Look for what else you might be exposing your nails to...wear rubber gloves to wash dishes or do any cleaning to protect them.

If it continues, see a dermatologist. DH has peeling toe nails due to nail fungus. He put white vinegar on his toe nails every night and it eventually grew out.

Here is a link that might be useful: peeling nails

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Ditto the polishing. Calcium deficiency can also affect your nails. Make sure you are getting enough calcium in your diet. If you haven't had a bone density test, make sure your gynecologist schedules a baseline for you. I don't know your age, but this test sort of goes along with mammograms and colonoscopies when you reach a certain age.

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I've used Nail Tek II for years to strengthen my nails. When applied daily it does work, I just don't always remember to. But even a few times a week is beneficial.

The collagen sounds interesting, too.

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I used to have horrible peeling of my nails around the time I was prepping for my wedding. The manicurist at the time asked it if was hypothyroid. I was subsequently diagnosed with hypo. I don't really grow them, but I don't seem to have the peeling problem I did. I am too much on the computer to even bother with a pro manicure.

My mother also had the ridges. I think that is genetic.

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Thank you for all of your thoughtful replies. I do think I may need more protein and the collagen and almond gel are sure things to try as is the NailTec.
What I am thinking --- I was taking Evista for a few years as I have the beginnings of osteopina. I have a new primary doc and stopped taking it in February and we will see what the next bone density is. I am thinking that may be a possible explanation.
I just came back from the mall. I purchased a buffer and cuticle oil I have used before. Supposedly it is made from dead sea minerals. Anyway, the serum and buffer started at $80, and by the time I got down it was $30. I see the same thing on Amazon for $12!!!!! Oh well, the young man needs to make a living. I am going to try this buffer and serum and no polish as well as the collagen and almond jello. We'll see what happens. In the meantime, I do think stopping the Evista may have had something to do with it!

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Weak, brittle fingernails is not a listed side effect of Evista, but of course everyone is different. I have been on Evista for a couple years and have not had that problem. I don't think stopping the Evista could have caused it. Why did you stop taking it, if I may ask?

But as far as protein goes, I was middle-aged before I realized how important protein intake is for me. I buy a lot of Lean Cuisine and other one-serving frozen foods, and I only buy the ones that have 17 or more grams of protein.

I'm interested in reading more about taking a collagen supplement.

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While you're going bare with your nails, buy a nail shiner thingy. I polish my nails to a beautiful shine if I'm going somewhere and I don't want the hassle of a manicure.

Here is a link that might be useful: Nail buffer, shiner

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Do you have symptoms of arthritis? What you're describing is one of the effects of psoriatic arthritis.

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A friend of mine who has wonderful nails now which used to look awful due to splitting and peeling has a sister who worked at a famous spa and recommended Nail Buffs. Her nails really were transformed, and continue to look great. I don't recall the details, but it is supposed to all natural, restorative, etc. I haven't tried it yet - she gave me a gift of the product line when I visited and I left it at her house - : ( will try it after I get back over next month and let y'all know my experience; my own nails need some help!!

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Graywings, I stopped the Evista because I do not like taking medicines. My primary insisted and I have taken it for about 3 or 4 years. She retired and I have told my new doctor that I don't want to take it. I am also doing more weight-bearing exercises. She agreed that we can give this a try, pending the outcome of my next bone density test in about a year. We'll see.
Java, I don't think it is psoriatic arthritis. I have read about that and it is talking about separation from the nail bed and such.
While protein and calcium probably have something to do with it, I think the main cause is probably chemicals from over polishing and dryness. It seems like I was removing and reapplying polish 2 or 3 times a week this winter. Then when the technician buffed my nails paper thin, it was really bad. Some of that polish was off by the next morning.
Oakley and Peegee, with that overpriced kit I bought at the mall kiosk was a buffer. It is incredible how much my nails are shining. I keep using the oil that came with it. There is also a hand cream that I left in Florida for my friend to bring up as it was over 3 ounces. I will get that next week.
I agree with all above who said I need to lay off the polish. Now that is killing me as I do not like my nails without it, but I know I need to stop at least until I get this mess grown out. Thanks again for all of your replies.

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I find that cream polish is less drying then the crystalline types.

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Forboystoo, I hate to be really stupid but what is the difference between cream and crystalline nail polishes????

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