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bleepsterOctober 12, 2009

Hello to all. We just purchased a home in May of this year. It was built in 1922 and has a fire place, that is in excellent shape. Home inspection revealed no problems.

we have already had 5 fires in the fire place with no problems. I do have one question. inside the fireplace, along the back wall, it appears like the blocks/brick are stacked together with no mortar. a few of the bricks have a gap between them, say 1/8" max. is this anything to worry about? should the gaps be filled? if so with what? the back side of the fireplace is in our sun room/den, and the wall does get warm to the touch, but not hot. i just want to be safe.

i look forward to any thoughts or suggestions.

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My thought is if you are going to worry, you could fill in the gaps with Furnace cement. I has small cracks in the back of my fireplace, and was told to use that. Worked well. Mary

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