To replace or not??

sonny300October 10, 2007

We have a 1986 Pacific Energy Wood Insert that still does it`s job,nice heat, overnite burn,and not EPA certified.Thought about replacing it with a newer version at a cost of $2400,but cant seem to decide. We live in a rural location in the Pacific North West,on acreage and so I really wonder if we need to reduce down to 3.7 grams of particulates per hour. The only other advantage that I`ve read about is that a newer model would reduce our wood-burning by about 1 cord per season. (ie 4 cords from 5). Any of you have any thoughts on this? My present insert is in good shape, no cracks in the steel, new brick liner,new door gasket,etc. It just seems like a lot of money too spend if we dont have to. Thanks

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I get this ? alot. I am in the fireplace business. It is really up to you the savings in wood per year times the cost of the new insert. how many years will you make your money back. Also is your insert lined to the top of the chimny? this will make the unit better at burning the wood. any more ? pm me. thanks

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Yes, we had a steel liner put in our chimney 3years ago by a certified Wett Sweep. The new liner goes right to the top (21feet) so good draw. As for payback, probably not, at $160 a cord it would take 16 years "at which time I would be 77". Well, maybe it would-lol. Burning wood is (carbon neutral) and being located out in the country and with most of my neigbours burning wood, pollution really isn`t an issue. For eg: if we lived in a subdivision, I wouldn`t hesitate to swap my old fireplace out for an EPA one. However we do not, so the only other question that arises is, how long do you think my present unit will last? Another 20 years? Reason for asking your opinion on this is that if we were going to have to replace this in say,10 years, then may as well do it now. *We have our fireplace cleaned and inspected annualy. I just have no idea whether these inserts last 30 years or 50 or what? Many thanks for replying to my post. The original post was "to replace or not".

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I had forgotten to mention that before I retired in 2004,we only burned 1 cord of wood per year. It wasn`t until the winter of 2004 that I decided to stop contributing so heavily to the oil companies, and then started using our fireplace as the major heat-source for our home. @So the mileage doesn`t really match the age of the appliance.

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