LaPorta Furniture opinions?

edie_thielApril 3, 2011

Has anyone ever purchased from LaPorta Furniture? Looking for a different dining set, and I'm not sure that it will end up being something that I love "forever," so I thought about trying LaPorta Furniture because their prices are good and the furniture looks nice. Other than testimonials on the website, I can't find any reviews.

I'm looking to purchase a simple counter height set:

Thanks for your help and opinions.

Here is a link that might be useful: Contemporary Walnut 5 Piece counter height set

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So... I purchased a few things from LaPorta and I have mixed feelings.

First, Mr. LaPorta might be the nicest guy on the planet. He is fantastic at getting you all the answers to all the questions that you might have.

Second, I live in the Chicago-land area so I had my furniture delivered and got the white glove treatment. That was a wonderful experience as well.

So, the furniture. The Furniture is really quite nice looking. The problem is it isn't real wood furniture. It is wood wrapped furniture and the core looks like pressed board. I have a few chair bumps on the desk and you can see right through to the pressed board.

Conclusion: Great People and Service, Furniture is nice Looking and well made, just wood wrapped.

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I have purchased several items from Laporta Furniture after I found them on Craigslist. I researched them through the Better Business Bureau, and took my time reviewing the website. After speaking with their office, I went ahead and made a purchase.
I bought both a counter height set and a leather couch set. I actually had seen the same items at a couple showrooms in my area, and I literally saved over half the cost!
The condition they arrived in was immaculate- and the wood dining set was solid- no cheap "Ikea" type flimsy stuff. The leather looked just like the pictures did, too- very soft, glossy, and high quality.
I have no complaints.
I also will be purchasing the Louise Philipe bed collection next, since it's 60% less than in the stores in Michigan.

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Just got my furniture today. Doesn't look "wood wrapped" at all! Looks 10 times better than the photos they have on their site! I feel like I just got the deal of the century! Where has this company been? If they ever decide to scrap the furniture business and go into shipping, I'm ALL in. I have NEVER had something shipped like that before. The shipping alone must cost them a fortune! Seriously, where can I buy stock in this company? They are going places. Will buy from them again, for sure.

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In the past two years, I have bought 3 pieces of furniture from LaPorta Furniture Company; the Louckas Sectional, the Antoince 8-Piece Dining room table, and a futon.

My first piece was the dining room table. The pictures were great, and Mr. LaPorta's description was dead on! I was actually more impressed when I saw it. I saved hundreds over other online places I shopped.

After that, I was SOLD!!! Phil LaPorta is awesome! He is upfront and honest. Blows just about everyone away on price, and even if he is a touch higher, I feel comfortable buying from him knowing my furniture will arrive promptly and in excellent condition, and he will alwasys be there to help.

I am a LaPorta Furniture customer for Life!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here is a link that might be useful: Antoine 8 piece dining room set

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All I have to say about LaPorta Furniture is WOW! Why couldn't I have found this place sooner????

I live locally in one of the Chicago Suburbs, so LaPorta delivered directly to my house. The delivery guys put together my new sectional in no time flat.

The couch is soooo comfortable, and the quality is fantastic. This would have easily cost me $2,500-$3,000 in any of the other furniture stores in Chicagoland. At LaPorta, I paid under $1,800! As soon as I am ready to replace my bedroom furniture, I will be back.

Here is a link that might be useful: Black Sectional Sofa

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I purchased and just received a formal dining set and
china cabinet from LaPorta Furniture Company.
Let me say.....WOW!!!! It is very solid and is absolutely
gorgeous!!!! I was equally impressed with their customer
service! My order arrived on time as promised and in
perfect condition. I will not hesitate to use them again!

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Great experience! I was very impressed with my furniture
and the service they provided! My new dining set is gorgeous! It's even nicer than the pictures on their website.
The delivery guys were very friendly and right on time. I am already looking at a new bedroom set and look forward to
doing business with them again!!!

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Sounds like a good company to do business with. Good service and good products.

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I ordered from them again and was equally impressed
and satisfied the second time I bought from them.
I just received my new bedroom set from LaPorta
and WOW!!!!! It is really nice! Very, very heavy
and solid. It's gorgeous! Thanks again!

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WOW is right, because all these fantastic out of sight reviews, and everyone that posted, was not a longtime GW member. They all signed up and posted these great reviews at that time. So anytime you see such reviews on GW, you should only take them with a grain of salt. Just LaPorta bragging about themselves, not actual customers.

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