Need allergy friendly wood stove!

fivelinksOctober 30, 2007

My son has allergies and I got rid of my wood stove previously because I thought it was a problem. Granted it was old but smoke seemed to leak out all the time. I need the most "smoke free" stove I can get. Also I am heating an open area of about 1300 sq ft and a loft above of about 500 ft. what size should I look for. By the way I am going back to wood only because my propane (Trane) heating system is killing me. Last years cost including elec. bills were almost $3k! I can't stand that another year and prices are steadily rising too! Can anyone help?

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All woodstoves will emit smoke. Esprcially when you open the door to load more wood into it. But today's modern stoves don't "leak" smoke at all.

Maybe you might want to look at a pellet stove instead. I personally don't like them because the fire is too "busy" for my tastes.

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I agree with christopherh---- you should expect a wood stove to be a somewhat dirty addition to your home. Smoke, soot and ash will be added to your home to some degree.

If a family members has sensitive allergies, I'd avoid installing a wood stove. The cost of hospital and doctor visits is not worth the possible savings from wood heat in these circumstances.

Personally, I'd stick with conventional central heating, which is going to be the cleanest option and minimize risks of health problems.

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I think you are right but the cost of propane and electric has forced me to look for alternatives. How about an outside woodburning unit? Has anyone had any experience with them and does anyone know of Central Boiler's reputation for quality, etc...?

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then you also have the problem with wood, mols spores, dust etc,

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Fivelinks: I don`t know if you are aware that when loading a wood stove or insert it is always best to wait until only hot coals are left, and then to open the door slightly for about 20 seconds to get the draught going up the chimney instead of spilling into the room. If this doesn`t quite work, then crack open a window first, then you will most certainly have no spillage into the room. I have been burning wood for 35 years and no smoke in our house, but dust, yes. Solution,place an air-purifer, or maybe 2 of them in the same room as the stove. There is no reason that you cant make wood-heat work for you. Look at for help. Be aware that once you purchase a new EPA certified product, that just like anything else you use for the first time, there will be trial and error. But if you would rather spend 1k instead of 3k and be "Carbon Neutral" doing it, then go for it. Maybe too late for this year, because you should always burn nothing but well seasoned wood. And that is hard to come by in Dec.

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Allergies are the reason we went to gas logs in our fireplace. Although I miss a real fire, the trade off is worth it! We weren't using it for heat, though.

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fivelinks: If you aren`t brain dead. go to look at what people have to say about the new EPA inserts and stoves. Smoke was with mankind in the beginning, and will always be here, re,and re forest fires,etc. Natural gas and oil will run out, sooner or later. and then we will all have to go back to a renewable resource.. and why not one that is "carbon nuetral"? We can always plant more trees, but we can`t produce oil and natural gas from nothing. When it`s gone, it`s gone. Use some common sense, and buy a EPA certified stove or insert and learn how to operate it and you won`t be dissapointed. They pollute a whole lot less than the other alternatives. Allergies can be a momemtary thing, and most of us grow out of them. "Unless we are too sheltered"......

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